The 2015 NFL Season is heading into its final four weeks, and there are two things we know about the playoffs through the current standings: The Carolina Panthers are NFC South champions and will be there, while the Cleveland Browns are officially out of the race, although they were never in it to begin with.


Division Leaders
1Carolina PanthersSouth12001.0003–08–0.431.431W12
2Arizona CardinalsWest1020.8334–17–1.410.400W6
3Green Bay PackersNorth840.6673–26–3.507.438W1
4Washington RedskinsEast570.4172–25–4.507.400L1
Wild Cards
5Minnesota VikingsNorth840.6673–15–3.465.396L1
6Seattle SeahawksWest750.5832–26–4.556.429W3
In the Hunt
7Tampa Bay BuccaneersSouth660.5003–15–3.458.403W1
8Atlanta FalconsSouth660.5000–34–5.431.389L5
9Philadelphia EaglesEast570.4172–23–6.500.500W1
10New York GiantsEast570.4172–34–5.458.417L3
11Chicago BearsNorth570.4171–32–6.542.450L1
12St. Louis RamsWest480.3333–13–5.556.479L5
13Detroit LionsNorth480.3332–33–5.583.479L1
14New Orleans SaintsSouth480.3331–33–6.556.438L4
15San Francisco 49ersWest480.3330–53–7.563.479W1
16Dallas CowboysEast480.3333–23–7.521.417W1

The interesting thing about the NFC is that no one is out of the picture. Last season the two wild card teams had 11 wins (Detroit and Arizona). This season it might take a lot less to get in. The Dallas Cowboys at 4-8 are in the picture mostly because they’re still in the hunt for the spot because they can win the awful NFC East, but even the 49ers, Saints, Lions and Rams at 4-8 still have a shot at one of the wild card spots because right now, the Seahawks aren’t getting away, although they do seem to be picking up the right kind of form right on time.

The Panthers are the only team with the playoff in their hands, winning the division. They can clinch home field advantage with three more wins or some combination of a Cardinals loss. The Packers, battling the Minnesota Vikings for the division title, aren’t going to catch up with them. The Washington Redskins? At 5-7, the best record the NFC East can produce, they’re not the best team in the NFC East though, and won’t worry anyone against them, not in the regular season or in the playoffs, if they make it.


Division Leaders
1Cincinnati BengalsNorth1020.8334–08–1.438.392W2
2Denver BroncosWest1020.8333–16–2.479.467W3
3New England PatriotsEast1020.8334–07–1.486.458L2
4Indianapolis ColtsSouth660.5003–05–4.563.486L1
Wild Cards
5Kansas City ChiefsWest750.5833–16–2.569.488W6
6New York JetsEast750.5832–25–4.444.381W2
In the Hunt
7Pittsburgh SteelersNorth750.5831–24–4.500.405W1
8Buffalo BillsEast660.5003–25–5.542.444W1
]Houston TexansSouth660.5002–14–3.528.472L1
10Oakland RaidersWest570.4551–15–3.486.317L1
11Miami DolphinsEast570.4170–53–6.465.383W1
12Jacksonville JaguarsSouth480.3331–34–6.493.375L2
13Baltimore RavensNorth480.3332–23–6.458.333L1
14San Diego ChargersWest390.2730–22–5.514.278L1
15Tennessee TitansSouth390.2501–31–7.458.389W1
Eliminated from playoff contention
16Cleveland BrownsNorth2100.1671–42–8.535.292L7

Two interesting things in the AFC right now: The Patriots no longer have a hold on the top spot and might end up losing home field advantage which seemed sewn up from day 1 of the season, while the Bengals and Broncos have a god at who doesn’t crumble under the pressure. The Indianapolis Colts? There’s nothing to worry about.

Another interesting thing is that the hottest team in the league, the Kansas City Chiefs, are in fantastic position to keep on holding on to one of the wild card spots. The Jets are better than last year but you never know with them. The Steelers have a great offense but a defense that can fall apart at any minutes. The Bills are like the Jets, only with a crazier head coach. The Texans and the Colts will win the second worst division in football, and it doesn’t really matter who wins the division. They’re not doing anything in the playoffs.

Oh, and the Browns are the only team mathematically out of the playoffs. Rebuilding process number 15 is coming up.

Current playoff picture via ESPN