Arizona Cardinals

The scores of week 15 in the 2015 NFL season sent more teams to their winter vacations and future planning, as we now have six teams altogether clinching a place in the playoffs: Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks in the NFC, New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC.

The Panthers, 14-0 after beating the New York Giants, now have to win one more game in order to clinch home field for the postseason, while already having the first round bye. The Cardinals, beating or more accurately destroying the Philadelphia Eagles 40-17 have won the NFC West, but still need to make sure they get the first round bye, with the Packers breathing down their necks, although one more win will do it.

The Packers, beating the Oakland Raiders 30-20 make it to 10 wins once more. They’re in the postseason for sure, but they have yet to clinch the division with the Minnesota Vikings, following a win against the Chicago Bears, are at 9-5, almost clinching their Wild Card spot, needing one more win. The only team they’re worried about are the Atlanta Falcons who finally won, beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-17. They’ll need to win their two games and for the Vikings to lose their remaining two in order to grab a Wild Card spot. The Seahawks have already clinched the second wild card berth.

And for the NFC East? The Redskins are now the frontrunners with a 7-7 record following their impressive win against the Buffalo Bills. The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants lost to the two best teams in the NFC, but are still in the picture of making that #4 slot, if they can somehow topple the Redskins in the final two weeks. Washington are left with two road games: In Philadelphia before closing out the season in Dallas.


Division Leaders
1 Carolina PanthersSouth14001.0004–010–0.444.444W14
2Arizona CardinalsWest1220.8574–19–1.432.420W8
3Green Bay PackersNorth1040.7143–27–3.479.419W2
4Washington RedskinsEast770.5002–26–4.509.423W2
Wild Cards
5Seattle SeahawksWest950.6432–26–4.503.369W5
6Minnesota VikingsNorth950.6434–16–4.491.394W1
In the Hunt
7Atlanta FalconsSouth770.5000–44–6.467.397W1
10Philadelphia EaglesEast680.4292–23–7.497.513L1
11New York GiantsEast680.4292–34–6.456.397L1
Eliminated from playoff contention
8St. Louis RamsWest680.4293–15–5.530.456W2
9Tampa Bay BuccaneersSouth680.4293–25–5.454.410L2
12New Orleans SaintsSouth580.3852–34–6.544.431W1
13Chicago BearsNorth590.3571–42–8.538.477L3
14Detroit LionsNorth490.3082–33–6.568.500L2
15San Francisco 49ersWest4100.2860–53–7.544.442L2
16Dallas CowboysEast4100.2863–23–8.554.442L1

Antonio Brown

In the AFC things are almost over. The Patriots are close to clinching home field advantage while the Bengals, following their win with A.J. McCarron at quarterback, are hoping the Denver Broncos continue losing so they can finish up things and earn themselves a crucial bye, giving Andy Dalton more time to recover. The Broncos, at this rate, might even lose their lead in the division, especially with the Chiefs winning 8 consecutive games and nothing seems to be stopping them.

The other Wild Card team right now are the scorching Pittsburgh Steelers following their win against Denver, while the New York Jets, also 9-5, winning four in a row, are waiting for either the Chiefs or Steelers to slip up. Maybe the most dramatic change has been the Houston Texans grabbing the AFC South lead by the horns following their win against the Indianapolis Colts, and the Colts and Jags, with a combined record of 11-20, are still in the picture because this is just such an awful division.


Division Leaders
1New England PatriotsEast1220.8574–09–1.485.462W2
2Cincinnati BengalsNorth1130.7864–18–2.467.415W1
3Denver BroncosWest1040.7143–26–4.479.469L2
4Houston TexansSouth770.5003–15–5.544.474W1
Wild Cards
5Kansas City ChiefsWest950.6434–18–2.521.442W8
6Pittsburgh SteelersNorth950.6432–26–4.527.462W3
In the Hunt
7New York JetsEast950.6432–26–4.426.364W4
10Indianapolis ColtsSouth680.4293–24–6.539.458L3
11Jacksonville JaguarsSouth590.3572–35–6.473.369L1
Eliminated from playoff contention
8Oakland RaidersWest680.4292–26–4.497.397L1
9Buffalo BillsEast680.4293–26–5.533.423L2
12Miami DolphinsEast590.3570–53–7.467.385L2
13Baltimore RavensNorth4100.2862–23–7.479.365L3
14San Diego ChargersWest4100.2860–43–7.521.308W1
15Cleveland BrownsNorth3110.2141–42–8.509.282L1
16Tennessee TitansSouth3110.2141–31–9.473.410L2
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