Green Bay Packers

The Super Bowl champions New England Patriots keep putting up points, this time on the Buffalo Bills to improve to 2-0, like NFC favorites Green Bay Packers in a comeback win against the Seattle Seahawks (winless) and the Dallas Cowboys, looking impressive while beating the Philadelphia Eagles, but also losing Tony Romo for quite a while.

Denver Broncos (2-0) 31  Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) 24: A fumble by Jamaal Charles was returned 21 yards for the game winning touchdown by Bradley Roby, as an improved Peyton Manning performance and more great defense keep carrying the Broncos.

Dallas Cowboys (2-0) 20  Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) 10: A great win for the Cowboys but at the cost of losing Tony Romo with a broken left collarbone. He’ll be back this season, but will it be too late? The Cowboys stopped DeMarco Murray at 2 yards on 13 carries. He did a bit better in the passing game, but not enough.

Houston Texans (0-2) 17  Carolina Panthers (2-0) 24: Cam Newton made mistakes but overall looked good on the ground and putting the ball in the air, while placing Ryan Mallett didn’t make much of a difference. Not without a running game for Houston.

San Francisco 49ers (1-1) 18  Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) 43: The 49ers were afraid of bringing back Carlos Hyde after taking a shot to the head, but were no match either way for the high scoring Steelers, with three touchdown passes for Ben Roethlisberger and three touchdown runs by DeAngelo Williams, while Antonio Brown caught passes for 195 yards.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) 26  New Orleans Saints (0-2) 19: Jameis Winston threw one touchdown pass and ran for another while avoiding any interceptions. The Saints? It’s time to panic.

Detroit Lions (0-2) 16  Minnesota Vikings (1-1) 26: A much better performance from the Vikings and Adrian Peterson runs for 153 yards and Teddy Bridgewater makes no mistakes, rushing for a touchdown and throwing another.

Arizona Cardinals (2-0) 48  Chicago Bears (0-2) 23: The Bears look bad, with or without Jay Cutler. Carson Palmer threw an interception but also four touchdown passes, David Johnson scored one as a running back and another on a return and Larry Fitzgerald looked like his old self with 112 yards and three TD receptions.

New England Patriots (2-0) 40  Buffalo Bills (1-1) 32: The game wasn’t that close (had a 37-13 lead) with Tom Brady throwing for 466 yards and three touchdowns, two of them to Julian Edelman. Tyrod Taylor ran for a touchdown and threw for three, but also got intercepted three times.

San Diego Chargers (1-1) 19  Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) 24: The Bengals are good, getting three touchdown passes from Andy Dalton and a big day on the ground from Giovani Bernard, as the emergence of Tyler Eifert seems to make things a lot simpler on offense.

Tennessee Titans (1-1) 14  Cleveland Browns (1-1) 28: Marcus Mariota in game 2 had to air it out and wasn’t as accurate (21-of-37, two touchdowns). Johnny Manziel finally tastes a win in the NFL with two touchdown passes to Travis Benjamin.

Atlanta Falcons (2-0) 24  New York Giants (0-2) 20: The Giants seem to lack an extra gear needed to beat good teams, while Matt Ryan keeps looking good, although anyone would when throwing to Julio Jones, who caught 13 passes for 135 yards.

St. Louis Rams (1-1) 10  Washington Redskins (1-1) 24: Matt Jones ran for 123 yards and two touchdowns; Kirk Cousins was quite efficient with 23-for-27 and one touchdown pass with no interceptions (!!!). The Redskins actually have a win!

Miami Dolphins (1-1) 20  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) 23: Rookie Jason Myers kicked a 28-yard field goal with 40 seconds remaining to win the game. Blake Bortles threw two touchdown passes to Allen Robinson, going for 155 yards while the 42 rushing yards from the Dolphins halted them in a very winnable game.

Baltimore Ravens (0-2) 33  Oakland Raiders (1-1) 37: Derek Carr threw three touchdown passes with Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper looking great while Joe Flacco looks far from consistent and the Ravens defense really disappointed in a stunning loss.

Seattle Seahawks (0-2) 17  Green Bay Packers (2-0) 27: While the Seahawks did grab a lead in the third quarter, they always looked like the inferior team and couldn’t get anything moving in the final quarter while Aaron Rodgers delivered in the fourth while coming back from behind, throwing a touchdown pass to Richard Rodgers to grab the lead and set up the win.

New York Jets (2-0) 20  Indianapolis Colts (0-2) 7: The Colts keep turning the ball over, and against a strong defense and not bad enough offense like the Jets have, it’s an automatic loss.

AFC East
New England Patriots2001.0001–02–06853W2
New York Jets2001.0000–02–05117W2
Buffalo Bills110.5000–11–15954L1
Miami Dolphins110.5000–00–13733L1
AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals2001.0000–02–05732W2
Cleveland Browns110.5000–01–13845W1
Pittsburgh Steelers110.5000–00–16446W1
Baltimore Ravens020.0000–00–24656L2
AFC South
Jacksonville Jaguars110.5000–01–03240W1
Tennessee Titans110.5000–00–15642L1
Houston Texans020.0000–00–13751L2
Indianapolis Colts020.0000–00–22147L2
AFC West
Denver Broncos2001.0001–02–05037W2
Oakland Raiders110.5000–01–15066W1
San Diego Chargers110.5000–00–15252L1
Kansas City Chiefs110.5000–11–15151L1
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys2001.0002–02–04736W2
Washington Redskins110.5000–01–03427W1
New York Giants020.0000–10–24650L2
Philadelphia Eagles020.0000–10–23446L2
NFC North
Green Bay Packers2001.0001–02–05840W2
Minnesota Vikings110.5001–01–12936W1
Chicago Bears020.0000–10–24679L2
Detroit Lions020.0000–10–14459L2
NFC South
Atlanta Falcons2001.0000–02–05044W2
Carolina Panthers2001.0000–00–04426W2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers110.5001–01–04061W1
New Orleans Saints020.0000–10–23857L2
NFC West
Arizona Cardinals2001.0000–02–07942W2
St. Louis Rams110.5001–01–14455L1
San Francisco 49ers110.5000–01–03846L1
Seattle Seahawks020.0000–10–24861L2
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