LeGarrette Blount touchdown

In week 6 of the 2015 NFL season, the New England Patriots kept their dominant, winning ways while the Seattle Seahawks once again managed to blow a fourth quarter lead and lose, this time to the sound of boos at home. The Denver Broncos keep relying on defense to save them and Peyton Manning while the Detroit Lions, with some help from terrible officials, finally have their first win of the season.

Atlanta Falcons (5-1) 21  New Orleans Saints (2-4) 31: Fumbles were the name of the game as the Saints got a couple of touchdowns from Mark Ingram and a good, solid game from Drew Brees, while the Falcons fumbled the ball three times.

Washington Redskins (2-4) 20  New York Jets (4-1) 34: Kirk Cousins returns to his interception-y ways with a couple while Ryan Fitzpatrick is thriving with two touchdown passes and rushing for another. Chris Ivory ran for 146 yards.

Arizona Cardinals (4-2) 13  Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) 25: Landry Jones came in for Michael Vick and sparked the Steelers into victory. The former Oklahoma QB threw two touchdown passes and the defense picked off Carson Palmer a couple of times to pick up a valuable, meaningful win.

Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) 10  Minnesota Vikings (3-2) 16: An ugly win if there ever was one, but style doesn’t always matter. Teddy Bridgewater threw two interceptions and one touchdown while Adrian Peterson was held at 60 yards. But the Chiefs had no running game, and without that, there’s no offense for them.

Cincinnati Bengals (6-0) 34  Buffalo Bills (3-3) 21: EJ Manuel at quarterback for Tyrod Taylor didn’t help the Bills break the habit of win-loss, while the Bengals got another great game from Andy Dalton, throwing three touchdown passes.

Chicago Bears (2-4) 34  Detroit Lions (1-5) 37: The Lions win for the first time this season thanks to some awful play calling by John Fox and one touchdown that shouldn’t have been allowed. Once again it was Golden Tate, who is accustomed to referees making mistakes in his favor, although Lions fans probably view this as justice for their loss in Seattle.

Denver Broncos (6-0) 26  Cleveland Browns (2-4) 23: Who knows how much longer Peyton Manning will keep looking awful (one touchdown, three interceptions) and his defense will keep saving him? The Broncos won in overtime, but maybe a more difficult patch of schedule could mean the end to this way of winning.

Houston Texans (2-4) 31  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) 20: For the pretty bad Texans, it’s always good to have the Jags in the division. Brian Hoyer threw three touchdown passes while Blake Bortles threw three and was intercepted three times as well, also leading his team in rushing but as always, there’s something that’s clearly not working for the Jags.

Miami Dolphins (2-4) 38  Tennessee Titans (1-4) 10: The Titans lose for the fourth consecutive time, with Marcus Mariota taken out at some point after being sacked six times and intercepted a couple, getting his knee banged up. Dan Campbell made his debut as Dolphins head coach, and enjoyed a very good game from Lamar Miller with 113 yards and a touchdown, while Ryan Tannehill threw two of them but also two interceptions.

Carolina Panthers (5-0) 27  Seattle Seahawks (2-4) 23: The Seahawks once again drop a fourth quarter lead, this time giving up a Cam Newton to Greg Olsen touchdown pass with 32 seconds left in the game to be left wondering where this season is going.

San Diego Chargers (2-4) 20  Green Bay Packers (6-0) 27: A great game with the Packers having another offensive stagnation period allowing the Chargers to come back from a bad start. Philip Rivers had a great opportunity to tie the game but made two awful throws right near the goal line, while the team’s rushing attempts on that drive couldn’t punch through.

Baltimore Ravens (1-5) 20  San Francisco 49ers (2-4) 25: If the Ravens made Colin Kaepernick look this good, then the defense is in really bad shape. Kaepernick threw two touchdown passes and Joe Flacco was intercepted twice to put the Ravens at the bottom of the NFL with a few other teams.

New England Patriots (5-0) 34  Indianapolis Colts (3-3) 27: No revenge in a good game which the Colts were slightly better in until the second half, when the Patriots secondary stepped up and allowed them to run away with the game. Tom Brady did get picked off (pick six) once but threw three touchdown passes. Andrew Luck threw three himself.

New York Giants (3-3) 7  Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) 27: Defense did most of the work for the Eagles, sacking Eli Manning three times and intercepting him twice, while DeMarco Murray ran for 109 yards and a touchdown. One of the interceptions was returned for a touchdown, and Sam Bradford, throwing three interceptions, had a touchdown pass to Riley Cooper.



NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles330.5001–22–3144110W2
New York Giants330.5001–22–3139136L1
Dallas Cowboys230.4002–02–2101131L3
Washington Redskins240.3331–12–2117138L2
NFC South
Carolina Panthers5001.0002–03–013594W5
Atlanta Falcons510.8330–14–1183143L1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers230.4001–11–1110148W1
New Orleans Saints240.3331–22–4138164W1
NFC North
Green Bay Packers6001.0001–04–0164101W6
Minnesota Vikings320.6001–01–19683W1
Chicago Bears240.3330–20–4120179L1
Detroit Lions150.1671–11–3120172W1
NFC West
Arizona Cardinals420.6661–14–1203113L1
St. Louis Rams230.4002–02–284111L1
Seattle Seahawks240.3330–12–3134125L2
San Francisco 49ers240.3330–11–3100165W1


AFC East
New England Patriots5001.0001–04–0183103W5
New York Jets410.8001–03–012975W2
Buffalo Bills330.5001–13–2145139L1
Miami Dolphins230.4000–21–3103101W1
AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals6001.0001–05–0182122W6
Pittsburgh Steelers420.6660–11–2145108W2
Cleveland Browns240.3331–02–4141158L1
Baltimore Ravens150.1671–21–4143162L2
AFC South
Indianapolis Colts330.5003–03–3126147L1
Houston Texans240.3331–11–2128155W1
Tennessee Titans140.2000–10–4112128L4
Jacksonville Jaguars150.1670–21–3113176L4
AFC West
Denver Broncos6001.0002–04–0139102W6
Oakland Raiders230.4000–12–2107124L2
San Diego Chargers240.3330–01–2136161L2
Kansas City Chiefs150.1670–11–2127159L5
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