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Posted on 30 Oct, 2015, by in NBA

DeAndre Jordan, Dwight Powell

On a short kind of Thursday NBA night, DeAndre Jordan and the Los Angeles Clippers made Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks even more bitter about the summer, the Atlanta Hawks went back to last season’s form against the New York Knicks and the Memphis Grizzlies looked much better than opening night against the still learning Indiana Pacers.

Memphis Grizzlies 112  Indiana Pacers 103: The Grizzlies bounced back from that weird 30-point loss at home to the Cavaliers thanks to a very dominant fourth quarter (39-28) in a high pace game from two teams we’re not accustomed to see this way. Marc Gasol scored 20 points to go with 8 rebounds and six more players shot in double figures, hitting 50% from the field and 43.8% from beyond the arc, as Mike Conley finished with 10 assists. George Hill once again led the Pacers in scoring with 20 and Paul George added 18. C.J. Miles off the bench did the same, while Monta Ellis disappointed with 9 points.

Atlanta Hawks 112  New York Knicks 101: The Hawks aren’t as bad as opening night and the Knicks aren’t as good. The Hawks played their kind of basketball with 26 assists while the Knicks once again clung too much to a bad-form Carmelo Anthony, shooting 10-of-27 with 25 points, go 0-for-7 from three. Jeff Teague scored 23 points with 8 assists and Kyle Korver found his hot hand, scoring 15 points. Robin Lopez finished with 18 points while Derrick Williams didn’t have a second good night, finishing with just 9 points.

Dallas Mavericks 88  Los Angeles Clippers 104: The Mavs looked awful, shooting 36.1% from the field in a game about what could have been, seeing DeAndre Jordan on the other end scoring just 6 points but dominating the paint with 4 blocks and 15 rebounds. Blake Griffin was fantastic again scoring 26 points with 10 boards, while Jamal Crawford helped from the bench scoring 15. John Jenkins led the Mavs with 17 points, Dirk Nowitzki added 16.


1Chicago Bulls *201.0002
2Detroit Pistons201.0000.02
3Boston Celtics *101.0000.51
4Miami Heat *101.0000.51
5Toronto Raptors101.0000.51
6Washington Wizards101.0000.51
7Atlanta Hawks11.5001.02
8New York Knicks11.5001.02
9Cleveland Cavaliers11.5001.02
10Orlando Magic01.0001.51
11Charlotte Hornets01.0001.51
12Brooklyn Nets01.0001.51
13Philadelphia 76ers01.0001.51
14Milwaukee Bucks01.0001.51
15Indiana Pacers02.0002.02


1Los Angeles Clippers *201.0002
2Denver Nuggets *101.0000.51
3Portland Trail Blazers *101.0000.51
4Golden State Warriors101.0000.51
5Oklahoma City Thunder101.0000.51
6Minnesota Timberwolves101.0000.51
7Dallas Mavericks11.5001.02
8Memphis Grizzlies11.5001.02
9Los Angeles Lakers01.0001.51
10Utah Jazz01.0001.51
11San Antonio Spurs01.0001.51
12Sacramento Kings01.0001.51
13Phoenix Suns01.0001.51
14Houston Rockets01.0001.51
15New Orleans Pelicans02.0002.02
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