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Posted on 1 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

Stephen Curry

In a short night of basketball on Saturday, the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers remained perfect with dominant wins over the New Orleans Pelicans and Sacramento Kings respectively, with a big game from Blake Griffin and an even greater one for Stephen Curry.

Utah Jazz 97  Indiana Pacers 76: The fantastic Jazz defense helped Derrick Favors lead the way with 18 points, joined by Rodney Hood scoring 17. On the other end, the Pacers shot just 40% from the field and were once again led by George Hill scoring 17, but nothing much else.

New York Knicks 117  Washington Wizards 110: The Knicks get the kind of night they expected from Carmelo Anthony, scoring 37 points and backed up by some nice scoring off the bench. John Wall and Bradley Beal combined for 51 points out of the backcourt as the Wiz lost for the first time this season.

Golden State Warriors 134  New Orleans Pelicans 120: Stephen Curry seems to be on a mission through the first three games of the season, scoring 53 points on the Pelicans, who remain winless, unlucky to play the Warriors twice on their first three games.

Brooklyn Nets 91  Memphis Grizzlies 101: The Nets keep looking like the saddest team in the league, while Memphis take advantage of their advantages, led by 22 points from Mike Conley.

Phoenix Suns 101  Portland Trail Blazers 90: Eric Bledsoe torched with 33, Brandon Knight added 27 and the Suns broke away in the fourth quarter while the Blazers shot just 41.8% from the field, led by Damian Lillard with 23 points.

Sacramento Kings 109  Los Angeles Clippers 114: The Blake Griffin show continues, scoring 37 points to keep the Clippers perfect in the early goings of the season, while Rajon Rondo and Rudy Gay led the Kings with 41 points combined. Cousins was held to just 13 points.


1Golden State Warriors *301.0003
2Los Angeles Clippers301.0000.03
3Oklahoma City Thunder *201.0000.52
4Minnesota Timberwolves201.0000.52
5Utah Jazz21.6671.03
6Memphis Grizzlies21.6671.03
7Phoenix Suns21.6671.03
8Denver Nuggets11.5001.52
9Dallas Mavericks11.5001.52
10San Antonio Spurs11.5001.52
11Sacramento Kings12.3332.03
12Portland Trail Blazers12.3332.03
13Los Angeles Lakers02.0002.52
14Houston Rockets02.0002.52
15New Orleans Pelicans03.0003.03


1Detroit Pistons *301.0003
2Toronto Raptors *201.0000.52
3Washington Wizards *21.6671.03
4Chicago Bulls21.6671.03
5Atlanta Hawks21.6671.03
6Cleveland Cavaliers21.6671.03
7New York Knicks21.6671.03
8Boston Celtics11.5001.52
9Miami Heat11.5001.52
10Orlando Magic02.0002.52
11Charlotte Hornets02.0002.52
12Milwaukee Bucks02.0002.52
13Philadelphia 76ers02.0002.52
14Brooklyn Nets03.0003.03
15Indiana Pacers03.0003.03
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