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Posted on 2 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

Hassan Whiteside

The first weekend of the NBA season ends with the Atlanta Hawks beating the Charlotte Hornets (again), LaMarcus Aldridge finally giving the San Antonio Spurs a big game, the Miami Heat being the next in line to beat up the Houston Rockets, the Milwaukee Bucks remaining winless, the Chicago Bulls playing ugly and still winning, the Oklahoma City Thunder with Kevin Durant still scoring big and the Dallas Mavericks being the next in line to easily go through Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Atlanta Hawks 94  Charlotte Hornets 92: The Hawks beat the Hornets for the second time in three days, with an excellent fourth quarter, allowing just 16 points in it to come from behind. Kent Bazemore led the scoring with 20 points; Kemba Walker led the Hornets with 17 points.

San Antonio Spurs 95  Boston Celtics 87: Finally a big game from LaMarcus Aldridge with 24 points and 14 rebounds with Kawhi Leonard scoring 19. Avery Bradley led the Celtics with 18, Marcus Smart helped with 17 points.

Houston Rockets 89  Miami Heat 109: The Heat were down by 21 points in the second half and still kicked the [email protected]#% out of the Rockets, who are the first team in NBA history to open the season with three 20-point losses. Hassan Whiteside scored 25 points, enjoying not having Dwight Howard in front of him, with Dwyane Wade adding 20 and 8 assists.

Milwaukee Bucks 87  Toronto Raptors 106: The Bucks keep looking very bad, losing a third in a row, while the Raptors have six players in double figures, including Jonas Valanciunas scoring 19.

Orlando Magic 87  Chicago Bulls 92: The Magic are another team with no wins to start the season, while the Bulls, despite an ugly shooting game of 37.9%, keep doing mostly well, led by Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic, both scoring 16 points.

Denver Nuggets 93  Oklahoma City Thunder 117: The Thunder’s offensive machine keeps on rolling, this time with seven players in double figures, including Kevin Durant scoring 25 points, Serge Ibaka with 18 and a laid back Russell Westbrook finished with 15.

Dallas Mavericks 103  Los Angeles Lakers 93: The Mavericks win the battles they can, led by Dirk Nowitzki scoring 25 points. The Lakers? Still without a win, led by Julius Randle with 22 points while Kobe Bryant keeps getting in the way, scoring 15.


1Los Angeles Clippers *301.0003
2Golden State Warriors301.0000.03
3Oklahoma City Thunder *301.0000.03
4Minnesota Timberwolves201.0000.52
5San Antonio Spurs21.6671.03
6Utah Jazz21.6671.03
7Memphis Grizzlies21.6671.03
8Phoenix Suns21.6671.03
9Dallas Mavericks21.6671.03
10Denver Nuggets12.3332.03
11Sacramento Kings12.3332.03
12Portland Trail Blazers12.3332.03
13Los Angeles Lakers03.0003.03
14Houston Rockets03.0003.03
15New Orleans Pelicans03.0003.03


1Detroit Pistons *301.0003
2Toronto Raptors *301.0000.03
3Chicago Bulls *31.7500.54
4Atlanta Hawks31.7500.54
5New York Knicks21.6671.03
6Washington Wizards21.6671.03
7Cleveland Cavaliers21.6671.03
8Miami Heat21.6671.03
9Boston Celtics12.3332.03
10Orlando Magic03.0003.03
11Philadelphia 76ers02.0002.52
12Milwaukee Bucks03.0003.03
13Charlotte Hornets03.0003.03
14Indiana Pacers03.0003.03
15Brooklyn Nets03.0003.03
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