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The New England Patriots beat the New York Giants in the best game of the season so far in 2015, while other interesting things in week 10 were the Denver Broncos benching Peyton Manning in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers keep losing, this time to the Detroit Lions; Dallas Cowboys out of the picture for good with a 7th straight loss and the Arizona Cardinals showing once and for all they’re a much better team right now than the Seattle Seahawks.

Buffalo Bills (5-4) 22  New York Jets (5-4) 17: Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two interceptions while the Bills kept it simple. Tyrod Taylor not doing too much besides a touchdown pass and LeSean McCoy having a big day on the ground with 112 yards on 19 carries.

Detroit Lions (2-7) 18  Green Bay Packers (6-3) 16: A very good defensive performance from the Lions results in their first Lambeau Field win since 1991, denying the two point conversion on the final play to win for the second time this season, and send the Packers, with Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball 61 times, to their third straight loss.

Dallas Cowboys (2-7) 6  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) 10: Once again, the Cowboys lose on a final drive, giving up a touchdown to Jameis Winston with 54 seconds left. Dallas had just 216 yards of total offense, as the season seems to be officially over for them.

Carolina Panthers (9-0) 27  Tennessee Titans (2-7) 10: The Titans are still without a home win this season while the Panthers remain perfect, this time thanks to a Cam Newton hot start. He threw one touchdown pass and ran for another, while having his way with Titans defenders who didn’t like all the celebrating getting done in their endzone.

Chicago Bears (4-5) 37  St. Louis Rams (4-5) 13: This is season is getting better and better for the Bears, holding the Rams to just 3 points after the first quarter and Todd Gurley to only 45 yards.  Jay Cutler threw three touchdown passes and had a 151 passer rating, getting a lot of help from his receivers after the catch.

New Orleans Saints (4-6) 14  Washington Redskins (4-5) 47: Kirk Cousins threw a career high four touchdown passes while the Redskins ran for 213 yards, with the Saints allowing 514 yards of offense in another terrible away from home performance.

Miami Dolphins (4-5) 20  Philadelphia Eagles (4-5) 19: The Eagles keep shooting themselves in the foot instead of grabbing a hold of the lead in the NFC East, this time allowing a Jarvis Landry touchdown early in the fourth quarter and not finding a way to score a touchdown, losing Sam Bradford in the process, getting an interception from Mark Sanchez in relief.

Cleveland Browns (2-8) 9  Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) 30: The Steelers lost their backup quarterback so their starting one stepped in. Confused? Ben Roethlisberger threw three touchdown passes and an interception, while the Browns tried to do everything through Johnny Manziel, finishing with 372 yards, one touchdown and an interception. The running game stalled, limited to just 15 yards on 14 carries.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) 22  Baltimore Ravens (2-7) 20: The Ravens lose another close one, as Jason Myers hit a field goal with time expiring to end the 13-game losing streak the Jags had on the road. The Ravens turned the ball over four times during the game, three of them by Joe Flacco.

Minnesota Vikings (7-2) 30  Oakland Raiders (4-5) 14: A humbling experience for the Raiders, unable to get anything done in the second half, with Derek Carr throwing two interceptions to counter his two touchdowns. Teddy Bridgewater played it safe with no mistakes while Adrian Peterson had himself a huge, 203 yards day, including a 80-yard touchdown run.

New England Patriots (9-0) 27  New York Giants (5-5) 26: Maybe the best game we’ve seen this season. The Giants almost ended it with an Odell Beckham touchdown, but it was called incomplete after the ball was slapped out of his hands before he had full control, forcing the Giants to settle for a field goal and a two-point lead. The Patriots had one drive with 1:47 left. The Giants had an interception slip out of their hands, and it ended with Stephen Gostkowski hitting a 54-yard field goal.

Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) 29  Denver Broncos (7-2) 13: Peyton Manning added another record to his CV but got benched as the Chiefs forced four interceptions out of him, which meant Alex Smith and co. didn’t really need to do much offensively.

Arizona Cardinals (7-2) 39  Seattle Seahawks (4-5) 32: A massive game in Seattle that included the Seahawks dropping another fourth quarter lead. They were up 29-25 after Bobby Wagner returned a fumble for six, but Jermaine Gresham and Andre Ellington replied with two touchdowns to finish off the game. It was the most the Cardinals have ever scored against the Seahawks, and 30 points more than they have in both games combined last season.


NFC East
New York Giants550.5002–24–4263253L1
Washington Redskins450.4441–13–3205209W1
Philadelphia Eagles450.4442–23–4212184L1
Dallas Cowboys270.2222–22–6166221L7
NFC North
Minnesota Vikings720.7783–04–1196154W5
Green Bay Packers630.6671–14–2219185L3
Chicago Bears450.4440–31–5199232W2
Detroit Lions270.2222–22–4167261W1
NFC South
Carolina Panthers9001.0002–07–0228165W9
Atlanta Falcons630.6670–24–3229190L2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers450.4442–12–3181231W1
New Orleans Saints460.4001–23–4245268L2
NFC West
Arizona Cardinals720.7782–15–1302185W3
St. Louis Rams450.4443–03–4166181L2
Seattle Seahawks450.4441–24–4206179L1
San Francisco 49ers360.3330–32–5126223W1


AFC East
New England Patriots9001.0003–06–0303169W9
Buffalo Bills540.5563–15–3231207W2
New York Jets540.5561–24–3217184L1
Miami Dolphins450.4440–42–5191215W1
AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals8001.0003–07–0229142W8
Pittsburgh Steelers640.6001–24–3246181W2
Baltimore Ravens270.2221–22–5210236L1
Cleveland Browns280.2001–22–6186285L5
AFC South
Indianapolis Colts450.4443–04–3200227W1
Houston Texans350.3752–12–3174205W1
Jacksonville Jaguars360.3330–23–4192255W1
Tennessee Titans270.2220–20–5169213L1
AFC West
Denver Broncos720.7782–14–2205165L2
Oakland Raiders450.4441–14–3227241L2
Kansas City Chiefs450.4441–13–2214195W3
San Diego Chargers270.2220–11–4210249L5