2013 BCS Standings – Week 8

Posted on 21 Oct, 2013, by in NFL

Florida State

The release of the first BCS standings didn’t cause a huge deal of surprise, as Alabama lead the top 25 obviously. Florida State being above Oregon might be surprising to some, but considering their strength of schedule and most recent win over Clemson, it pretty much makes sense to make them the strongest of the undefeated teams behind Alabama, while Ohio State and Missouri trail behind, not looking likely to finish among the top 2.

It’s interesting to see Stanford, with one loss against Utah, getting ranked higher than Miami, Baylor, Texas Tech, Fresno State and Northern Illinois who are all undefeated, but just not getting enough love from the computers, who all but one ranked Stanford at sixth or higher.

BCSHarris PollUSA TodayComputer Rankings
2Florida State.93481232401.914731410.90971152112.980
4Ohio State.8553NR42321.884241382.89165535887.790
7Miami (FL).7200NR72008.765061186.765210821129128.630
10Texas Tech.6220NR91662.63319981.632911111410121011.600
14Virginia Tech.4408NR19841.320419499.3219813NR9775.680
16Texas A&M.36669131177.448415622.401318221822162217.250
17Fresno State.3379NR18920.350518532.34321716NR14NR1614.320
18Northern Illinois.30321521518.197322298.19231319101314515.520
19Oklahoma State.2687NR17951.362313688.44392825NRNRNRNRNR.000
21South Carolina.21611020673.256420468.3019262419NR22NR23.090
25Oregon State.104213NR168.0640NR91.058720NR222418621.190

Despite Florida State being ranked above Oregon in the BCS standings, the human polls are still keeping the Ducks at number 2. The non-human rankings simply prefer Florida State beating two ranked teams this season so far, opposed to Oregon taking down only Washington.

However, if Oregon and Florida State both win out, Oregon will be ranked higher. They have to play Stanford and UCLA in the next two weeks, and with the margin between them and the Seminoles being so small, wins against the Bruins and the Cardinal, who are both in the top 12, will put them as the runners-up to Alabama, unless the Crimson Tide lose on the way, although both LSU (13) and Auburn (11) aren’t that likely to beat them.

Speaking of LSU: The Tigers are the highest ranked two-loss team, but it’s surprising to see them above a 6-1 Virginia Tech. The Hokies, need you forgot, have lost their only game to Alabama, but their problem is the voters, who keep giving the SEC the benefit of the doubt, even while they pick up losses against non-ranked teams like Ole Miss and Georgia.

As for a bit of history, Alabama have been ranked either No. 1 or 2 for 13 of the last 16 weeks of the BCS standings. Florida State, to some surprise, haven’t been this highly ranked since 2000 and not in the top three since 2003.

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