How good was the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic games? It’s always exciting to go through the evening and watch all the national teams come out, flags waving, trying to spot out the big stars and get extra emotional when you see your own flag (usually when you come from a less than dominant nation) coming out of the tunnel.

But this one was probably a bit better. Danny Boyle made an extra long feature film kind of production from the whole thing, that’ll be hard to beat in terms of impressiveness and memorability, although that’s what we say every time after an Olympic opening ceremony.

Before it begins – Bringing in the clouds

Red Arrows Fly Over

London Rain, as Usual

Some fun for the fans

Fake Ancient Times Cricket

That Game no one knows how it’s called

Bradley Wiggins Ringing the Bell

The Fake Industrial Revolution

The Fire Ring

Golden Rings

The Lord Voldemort Puppet

Rowan Atkinson / Mr. Bean Cameo

Australia in the house

Tower Bridge Fireworks

Brazil Team Walk

Independent Athletes not Attached

Usain Bolt making an appearance

Haircut of the Night

Chris Hoy Leading Out Great Britain