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Packers beat Bears

Chicago Bears – Aaron Rodgers is Their Kryptonite

Posted on 29 Sep, 2014, by in Football

Seeing Aaron Rodgers on the field, playing well and healthy, automatically makes the Chicago Bears worse. On defense, on offense. Maybe it has some psychological effect on Jay Cutler, who knows. What is clear is that some things don’t change, as the Green Bay Packers shake off the criticism and beat their biggest rivals 38-17. More

49ers beat Eagles

49ers Over Eagles – Patience Works Out Nicely

Posted on 29 Sep, 2014, by in Football

For almost three quarters the Philadelphia Eagles managed to hide the fact that their offensive game was non-existent through special teams and their defensive touchdowns. But the San Francisco 49ers are a better team right now and after some early problems, Colin Kaepernick put together a very good game of football to lead his team from behind to win 26-21, and stop the panic and rumors surrounding the team. More

Cowboys beat Saints

Cowboys Over Saints – A Harsh Dose of Reality

Posted on 29 Sep, 2014, by in Football

Instead of being in a position to win the NFC, the New Orleans Saints find themselves with a defense so bad that even Drew Brees can’t seem to overcome it, and makes the Dallas Cowboys look like a solid, dangerous team, coming away with the 38-17 win as they continue to focus on running the ball and taking the pressure off of Tony Romo, which seems to be an idea worth implementing more. More

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints

NFL – Saints vs Cowboys Predictions

Posted on 28 Sep, 2014, by in Football

The New Orleans Saints are another one of the teams at 1-2 no one expected to be there at this stage of the season while the Dallas Cowboys, despite their disastrous opening game, have managed to pick themselves up and find themselves at over .500, with the same hope and optimism pushing them forward that usually ends in disappointment. More

Eagles vs 49ers

NFL – Eagles vs 49ers Predictions

Posted on 28 Sep, 2014, by in Football

On one side, the Philadelphia Eagles following a perfect start so far despite having to come back from behind in each win. On the other? A close to desperate San Francisco 49ers, who are reaching the point of no return if they drop another game as the NFC West runs away from them. More

Florida State Seminoles

College Football – Rankings & Good Undefeated Teams Not Upset

Posted on 28 Sep, 2014, by in Football

After week 5 of the 2014 College Football season, we still have 17 undefeated teams: Five from the SEC (Alabama, Texas A&M, Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State), three from the Pac-12 (Oregon, UCLA, Arizona), three from the Big 12 (Oklahoma, Baylor, TCU), two from the ACC (Florida State, Georgia Tech), two independent (Notre Dame, BYU), one from the Big Ten (Nebraska) and one from conference USA (Marshall). More

Brady Hoke

Michigan Wolverines – Brady Hoke Reaches Pathetic Lows

Posted on 28 Sep, 2014, by in Football

One of the biggest names in College Football is hitting new lows with every passing week, as Michigan lose at home 30-14 to Minnesota, meaning that the day Brady Hoke will either realize he’s doing an awful job or those above him will reach that conclusion for him is drawing nearer. More

Missouri beat South Carolina

Missouri Over South Carolina – Making a Mess of the SEC East

Posted on 28 Sep, 2014, by in Football

It’s still hard to get used to Missouri playing in the SEC let alone dominating it, but the Tigers pulled off a miraculous fourth quarter comeback in a 21-20 win over the stunned South Carolina to take the lead in the SEC East, remaining the only undefeated team there in conference play. More

Biggest Giants fan

18 Best Memes of Kirk Cousins & Washington Redskins Destroyed by the New York Giants

Posted on 26 Sep, 2014, by in Football

From savior to laughing stock. Kirk Cousins threw four interceptions, the Washington Redskins got destroyed by Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The memes are obviously making fun of the situation by referencing to Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III and even the better of the Manning brothers, Peyton. More

UCLA beat Arizona State

UCLA Over Arizona State: Sorting the Pac-12 Out

Posted on 26 Sep, 2014, by in Football

With Mike Bercovici starting for Taylor Kelly, things were bound to be difficult for Arizona State. The Sun Devils had a promising start, but eventually, Brett Hundley took over and got a huge boost from Ishmael Adams, returning an interceptions and a kick for touchdowns, helping the Bruins come away with a huge Pac-12 victory, 62-27. More