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Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson & Defense Make No Mistakes

Posted on 24 Nov, 2014, by in Football

As good as Russell Wilson can be sometimes, the heart and soul of the Seattle Seahawks is their defense, which shined at its brightest level in a 19-3 win over the Arizona Cardinals, backed by an excellent running game led by Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. More

Cowboys beat Giants

Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo & DeMarco Murray Shine Under Pressure

Posted on 24 Nov, 2014, by in Football

The New York Giants might be a bad team with an even worse defense, but at least they have Odell Beckham and his catch to feel proud of. The Dallas Cowboys, meant for bigger and greater this season, have a lot more to offer, including an offensive line that continues to make Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray look great when it matters. More

Odell Beckham

2014 NFL Season – Week 12 Scores & Standings

Posted on 24 Nov, 2014, by in Football

The Arizona Cardinals lose for only the second time this season as they were stifled by the Seattle Seahawks defense, the Denver Broncos manage to escape a scary Miami Dolphins team, the Dallas Cowboys make this season even more depressing for the New York Giants and the New England Patriots look too goo for anyone, this time humiliating the Detroit Lions. More


UCLA Bruins: Taking USC Out of the Pac-12 Picture

Posted on 23 Nov, 2014, by in Football

A rivalry that was so one sided for so long has been turned completely around, as UCLA beat USC (38-20) for a third consecutive season, making their path towards winning the Pac-12 South and going on to play for the conference title a little bit easier, getting rid of the Trojans along the way. More

Arkansas beat Ole Miss

Arkansas Over Ole Miss – Wishing the Season Began Now

Posted on 23 Nov, 2014, by in Football

We got a taste of what Arkansas can do at home all season long, and it seems these last two weeks have been perfect for them to come out and show their strengths, getting a second consecutive shutout against a conference opponent, beating Ole Miss 30-0 and winning their sixth game of the season, making themselves bowl eligible for the first time in three years. More

Florida State beat Boston College

Florida State Seminoles – Don’t Deserve to be in the Playoff

Posted on 23 Nov, 2014, by in Football

The Florida State Seminoles remain undefeated after beating Boston College 20-17 thanks to a very late field goal, counting themselves lucky to remain undefeated and not having Jameis Winston thrown out of the game for pushing a referee. More

Oregon Ducks

College Football: Rankings Stay the Same for Playoff-Bound Teams

Posted on 23 Nov, 2014, by in Featured, Football

The one thing to take from the results in week 13 is how bad Florida State looked again, but they remain the only undefeated team among the power five conferences, meriting their place among the top 4 that will make the playoffs, while Alabama, Oregon and Mississippi State had a very easy time navigating through weak opponents. More

Alabama Crimson Tide

College Football – Week 13 Scores & Standings

Posted on 23 Nov, 2014, by in Football

A somewhat uneventful week with the top 4 teams all winning: Alabama against an FCS team, Oregon against Colorado, Mississippi State over Vanderbilt and Florida State, the least impressive of them all, barely getting away with a victory facing Boston College. More

Going to the Super Bowl

35 Best Memes of the Oakland Raiders Beating the Kansas City Chiefs

Posted on 21 Nov, 2014, by in Football

The wait that lasted for over a year is over. Everyone except Kansas City Chiefs fans are celebrating, through memes as well, the first win this season for the Oakland Raiders, who are hoping they don’t have to wait so long for another one. More

Raiders beat Chiefs

Oakland Raiders – Avoiding the Ultimate Humiliation

Posted on 21 Nov, 2014, by in Football

Whatever happens in the remnants of the NFL season, the Oakland Raiders have done enough to avoid being remembered as one of the team that failed to win a single game in an entire season. They beat the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 behind a non-interception Derek Carr performance and one big run from Latavius Murray. More