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Georgia beat Louisville

College Football – Day 8 Bowl Game Scores

Posted on 31 Dec, 2014, by in Football

In another fine day of bowl games with big names in them, Notre Dame beat LSU in the Music City Bowl making it a little bit less depressing of a season, Georgia got their happy ending by crushing Louisville in the Belk Bowl while Stanford made mince meat of Maryland, supposedly a Big Ten but it’s hard to think of them as one at this point. More

The Oakland Raiders

Longest Active NFL Playoff Droughts

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Featured, Football

December turning into January is time to celebrate the teams making it into the postseason, but there are those less good or fortunate; franchises that have forgotten what being in the playoffs feels like. Some of them have fans that weren’t even born the last time they actually played in January. More

Jim Harbaugh

San Francisco 49ers – Jim Harbaugh Left Because of Jed York & Trent Baalke; Not Philosophical Differences

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Football

In the coming days and maybe weeks we’re going to see some sort of word battle between people from the Jim Harbaugh camp, and those from the San Francisco 49ers, speaking or leaking on behalf of Jed York and Trent Baalke. Whatever is being said, it’s not hard guessing what happened behind the scenes. More

Le'Veon Bell

NFL Playoffs – Pittsburgh Steelers Still Don’t Know if Le’Veon Bell Can Play

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Football

The Pittsburgh Steelers are concerned they might have to play their playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens without Le’Veon Bell, who has no ligament damage but is still feeling a lot of pain in his knee. More

Texas A&M beat West Virginia

Texas A&M Over West Virginia: Cheap-Shot Assistant is What We’ll Remember

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Football

The only game that wasn’t a blowout, Texas A&M beating West Virginia 45-37 in the Liberty Bowl, will mostly be remembered for Mike Richardson, an Aggies assistant who spent his time on the sidelines doing his best to elbow, hit and hurt Mountaineers players before being taken off the field. More

Clemson beat Oklahoma

Clemson Over Oklahoma – Another Big 12 Team Getting Crushed

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Football

It wasn’t a very good day for Big 12 teams (0-3), with Oklahoma suffering the worst loss, going down 40-6 in the Citrus Bowl against Clemson, enjoying a fine final performance from Cole Stoudt while Trevor Knight proved once again he is not the quarterback the Sooners were looking for. More

Arkansas beat Texas

Arkansas Over Texas – Historically Awful Offense Bottoms Out

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Football

There have been a lot of low points for the Texas offense in 2014 with Tyrone Swoopes at quarterback. The 31-7 loss to Arkansas in the Texas Bowl might be rock bottom for the Longhorns and Charlie Strong, not getting the debut season he dreamed of when taking the role of head coach. More

Ndamukong Suh

NFL Playoffs – Detroit Lions Know Ndamukong Suh Suspension Won’t be Lifted

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Football

There’s no doubt Ndamukong Suh is a fantastic player, one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. But he is also one of the dirties, and his intentional stomp on Aaron Rodgers in an attempt to injure him will have him suspended from the playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Detroit Lions and the player are appealing the decision, but it’s just a formality, knowing the decision won’t get turned around. More

Jim Harbaugh

NFL Head Coaches Fired at the End of the Season

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Featured, Football

The day after the regular season ends is always rough for head coaches, as four were fired by NFL teams: Jim Harbaugh by the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Smith from the Atlanta Falcons, Marc Trestman by the Chicago Bears and Rex Ryan from the New York Jets. More

Texas A&M Aggies

College Football – Day 7 Bowl Game Scores

Posted on 30 Dec, 2014, by in Football

A terrible day for the Big 12 as we move into more prestigious bowl territory. West Virginia lost to Texas A&M in the Liberty Bowl while the big names (but not best teams of the conference) were humiliated – Oklahoma in the Russell Athletic Bowl against Clemson and Texas, finishing the season below .500, by Arkansas in the Texas Bowl. More