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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt & Bringing Back Parity to Men’s Sprint Races

Posted on 21 Aug, 2016, by in Featured, Other Sport

If Usain Bolt doesn’t have a change of heart, his three gold medals in the 2016 Olympic Games are his grande finale, and ending the most dominant era in the history of track & field when it comes to sprinting, sweeping the men’s 100, 200 and 4×100 meters for three consecutive Olympic games. More

Conor McGregor Bolt

15 Best Memes of Conor McGregor Getting Revenge Against Nate Diaz

Posted on 21 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

In a fight that sets up a deciding third bout for this trilogy, Conor McGregor got his revenge against Nate Diaz, which means the memes were either criticizing McGregor for being cautious, or making fun of Diaz for getting beat up. More

Usain Bolt

2016 Olympics: Day 13 Gold Medals & Medal Table

Posted on 19 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

Day 13 once again put Usain Bolt on center stage with his triumph in the men’s 200 meters sprint, but the rest, both in the Athletics stadium and overall, belonged to the United States, with five gold medals, including their first ever in women’s wrestling, and Ashton Eaton, the greatest ever in the Decathlon, defended his title from four years ago. More

Dog Kid Baseball Out

Dog Makes Incredible Out in Backyard Baseball Against a Kid

Posted on 18 Aug, 2016, by in Miscellaneous

If you’re a baseball team in need of someone to win the gold glove award guaranteed for the next few years, this dog has got to be on your shortlist. … More

Michael Phelps with 3 Crying Jordans

7 Best Memes of Ryan Lochte Lying About Getting Robbed

Posted on 18 Aug, 2016, by in Miscellaneous

In a bizarre twist to a successful Olympic games for the United States in the swimming competition, Ryan Lochte lies about getting robbed at gunpoint, escapes Brazil while his friends and teammates remain in the nation to be questioned by the police, who seem to have uncovered the lie. Memes were bound to come out quickly. More

USA Gold-Silver-Bronze

2016 Olympics: Day 12 Medal Table, Brianna Rollins & Tianna Bartoletta Light Up the Track

Posted on 18 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

The Summer Olympics are getting closer and closer towards the crescendo, as the United State continues to dominate the medal table with two more gold medals, both on the track, coming from Brianna Rollins & Tianna Bartoletta. Japan won three gold medals on the day, moving them up to xith on the medal table, all coming in the Wrestling competitions. More

Oklahoma Sugar Bowl celebrations

Most BCS/New Year’s Six Bowl Game Appearances 2008-2015

Posted on 17 Aug, 2016, by in College Football

In another attempt to determine the most dominant programs in College Football over the last 8 seasons, we took a look at the number of major bowl game appearances for schools since 2008, which means either a BCS Bowl or a New Year’s Six Bowl Game since the era of the College Football Playoff was ushered in. We narrowed the list down to six schools with at least 4 such appearances. The Pac-12 is the only conference with two on the list, which could suggest quality, or simply parity. More

2016 Olympics: Day 11 Gold Medals & Medal Table

Posted on 17 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

The United States kept their lead with two gold medals, one of them the fourth for Simone Biles in these Olympmic games, the other to Christian Taylor, retaining his triple jump title from four years ago. Great Britain added two more gold medals through cycling, while Germany had the best day with three gold medals, including one for Fabian Hambuchen in Gymnastics. More

Photo Finish 400 meters women's

Shaunae Miller Beating Allyson Felix Photo Finish is the Best Moment & Photo of These Olympics

Posted on 16 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

Why is the photo finish in the women’s 400 meters race, won by Shaunae Miller against a charging Allyson Felix, the best moment of the Olympic games so far? Because it’s remarkable without doing something historic like setting a new world record or winning more gold medals than anyone else. It stands out because it symbolizes so many things the Olympics stand for behind all the money and commercialism. More

SAP Center

9 Oldest Arenas in the NHL

Posted on 16 Aug, 2016, by in NHL

There are nine remaining NHL arenas left standing among those opened in 1995 or earlier, including the only two without corporate sponsor names, and two others in Canadian cities. There … More