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As expected, the top 25 of the BCS standings took a big hit and shake, as Florida State took a big step towards being in the national championship game with Alabama, distancing themselves at number 2 from the rest of the chasing pack, as things are quite close between Ohio State, Stanford and Baylor battling for third.

Oregon, who lost to Stanford during the weekend, fall to #6, while Oklahoma, who lost on the same day to Baylor (undefeated yet still behind Stanford with one loss), took a vicious 10 spot drop. New to the rankings this week are Texas and Georgia, with the latter slowly getting back their offensive pieces back together.

BCSHarris PollCoaches PollComputer rankings
2Florida State.9619222514.957721485.95812221212.970
3Ohio State.8926432373.904031401.90394444653.870
10South Carolina.558412121417.539812830.53551010912131012.600
11Texas A&M.547315101582.602711898.579413151613121714.460
12Oklahoma State.467114111545.588610965.622622142018NR2225.190
14Fresno State.431716131124.428214646.416814171711251213.450
15Northern Illinois.35051818825.314321445.28711424122017610.450
16Michigan State.341717151090.415216620.400021182115222322.210
19Arizona State.28332222475.181022262.16901211231091815.500
23Miami (FL).14711123457.174123228.14712521NR2121NR24.120

Right now, it seems like nothing is going to get in the way of Florida State from being the team paired up with Alabama, but one thing worth remembering is the conference championship game both teams have to play in. The same goes for Stanford and Ohio State. One loss in one of those games for any of the top teams will create quite a shake up.

Fresno State and Northern Illinois are both in the top 15, which will make a very interesting case when the BCS selections are made. If things remain as they are today, the Bulldogs will probably get the nod for an at-large bid and find themselves playing in a new year’s bowl game.

Auburn, with one loss only so far this season (to LSU, a team fallen to 21st) are currently at #7. Even with a loss to Alabama on the final day of the season, they should be the best team set up to take the second spot for the SEC in a BCS bowl game. The same goes for Clemson from the ACC, which will probably put them facing Oregon in the Orange Bowl while Central Florida, #17 at the moment, will also enjoy an automatic invite if things stay as they are right now.

Both Ohio State and Baylor haven’t given up on their dream of making it into the top two, but are going to need Florida State and/or Alabama to mess up in the few games remaining to them, not to mention staying undefeated, which won’t be an easy task, especially for Baylor, who still have to play #12 Oklahoma State and #24 Texas before claiming the Big 12 crown they currently hold a piece of.

It’s also interesting to see who faces Alabama: Missouri still lead the SEC East and remain at #8 in the standings, but they have to play Ole Miss and Texas A&M before the season is over, as South Carolina and Georgia are waiting for that slip.

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