Who won the 2012 Olympics? No real answer, but the United States, again, won more medals than anyone else, beating China to the top spot in the overall rankings and the gold medal count, but Great Britain, the hosts, had a sensational two weeks, finishing third in the medal table, overtaking Russia with 29 gold medals.

In total, 85 nations won an Olympic medal, including a first ever medal for Bahrain, Montenegro, Guatemala, Gabon, Cyprus, Botswana and Grenada.

Number 10 – Australia

A disappointing Olympic experience for Australia, winning a total of 35 medals – 7 of gold, 16 of silver and 12 of bronze. They won gold in athletics (Sally Pearson in the Women’s 110 meters hurdles), canoeing, cycling and sailing, but the biggest disappointment came in the pool, winning only one gold medal through the women’s 4×100 meters freestyle relay.

Number 9 – Hungary

A vast improvement for Hungary in comparison with the 2008 games, finishing with 17 medals – 8 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze. Their most successful events were the Canoeing, taking three golds there, and the swimming pool, with Dániel Gyurta winning the 200 meters breaststroke and Éva Risztov winning the women’s marathon (10 kilometers).

Number 8 – Italy

Italy had a very similar Olympiad to 2008, moving up one spot in the rankings and winning one more medal, 28 in total – 8 gold, 9 silver, 11 bronze. Fencing, as expected, brought 3 gold medals, Elisa Di Francisca winning in both the individual and team foil events. The shooting range also brought two gold medals, while the usually successful swimming crew managed only one bronze medal.

Number 7 – France

France did drop in the totla number of medals, but saw a vast improvement in their rankings (from 11th) and in the gold medals, winning 11 of them in London. They won four in the swimming competitions through Camille Mouffat, the men’s 4×100 freestyle team, Yannick Agnel in the 200 meters freestyle and Florent Manaudou in the men’s 50 meters freestyle. Renaud Lavillenie brought a track & field gold in the pole vault while Judo, as always, yielded two more gold medals. The men’s handball team continued their world domination with another gold medal.

Number 6 – Germany

Germany won more medals than in 2008 (44 to 41) but won only 11 of gold, compared with 16 last time, dropping them one spot in the rankings. The Germans didn’t win a single medal in the pool, but came up with 8 medals in Atheltics including Robert Harting’s gold (discus throw). Three gold medals came in Canoeing events and two more in Equestrian, while the men’s Beach Volleyball team surprised many by taking the gold against Brazil in the final.

Number 5 – South Korea

Continued their rise in Olympic sports by moving up two spots from Beijing, winning two less medals (30 to 28) and keeping their golds at 13. Archery and Shooting each brought three gold medals to South Korea, with Ki Bo-Bae winning two golds in Archery competitions. Men’s Judo brought two more gold medals and fencing events added two more.

Number 4 – Russia

Russia dropped a spot but did win nine more medals in total than Beijing and improved their gold count by one, finishing with 24. The final athletics days were huge for the Russian team, winning 8 gold medals in those events. Gymnastics brought a disappointing count of only three gold medals, but they won three in Judo and four in the wrestling competitions, while the men’s volleyball team made an incredible comeback against Brazil to grab gold.

Number 3 – Great Britain

The host nation set a goal of overtaking Russia in the rankings and achieved that with a fantastic performance, winning 65 medals, 18 more than in Beijing, and 29 of gold, 10 more than 4 years ago. The Athletics competitions brought 4 gold medals, two of them to Mo Farah in the 5000 & 10,000 races. Boxing added three more but the big achievement was in Cycling, winning 12 medals, surpassing the expectations, 8 of them of gold. Rowing was also a huge success with four gold medals and 9 in total.

Number 2 – China

Fell from the top spot in Beijing, winning 12 less medals in total (100 to 88) and 13 less in gold (51 to 38). The big three for China were the Swimming (10 medals, 5 of gold), Diving (10 medals, 6 of gold) and Gymnastics (12 medals, 5 of gold) competitions. They swept the table tennis events and in Badminton, and also had a fantastic weightlifting two weeks, winning 5 gold medals and two of silver.

Number 1 – United States

Back to number one with gold (46) and in total, despite falling from 110 to 104. They took both Basketball events and also the women’s soccer tournament. They won three gold medals, including the women’s all-around in the Gymnastics competitions. Swimming was a huge hit, winning 16 gold medals and placing in the top 3 in 30 out of the 32 events, while track & field also went very well with nine gold medals.

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Medal Table

1 United States (USA)462929104
2 China (CHN)38272388
3 Great Britain (GBR)*29171965
4 Russia (RUS)24263282
5 South Korea (KOR)138728
6 Germany (GER)11191444
7 France (FRA)11111234
8 Italy (ITA)891128
9 Hungary (HUN)84517
10 Australia (AUS)7161235
11 Japan (JPN)7141738
12 Kazakhstan (KAZ)71513
13 Netherlands (NED)66820
14 Ukraine (UKR)65920
15 New Zealand (NZL)62513
16 Cuba (CUB)53614
17 Iran (IRI)45312
18 Jamaica (JAM)44412
19 Czech Republic (CZE)43310
20 North Korea (PRK)4026
21 Spain (ESP)310417
22 Brazil (BRA)35917
23 South Africa (RSA)3216
24 Ethiopia (ETH)3137
25 Croatia (CRO)3126
26 Belarus (BLR)25512
27 Romania (ROU)2529
28 Kenya (KEN)24511
29 Denmark (DEN)2439
30 Azerbaijan (AZE)22610
30 Poland (POL)22610
32 Turkey (TUR)2215
33 Switzerland (SUI)2204
34 Lithuania (LTU)2125
35 Norway (NOR)2114
36 Canada (CAN)151218
37 Sweden (SWE)1438
38 Colombia (COL)1348
39 Georgia (GEO)1337
39 Mexico (MEX)1337
41 Ireland (IRL)1135
42 Argentina (ARG)1124
42 Slovenia (SLO)1124
42 Serbia (SRB)1124
45 Tunisia (TUN)1113
46 Dominican Republic (DOM)1102
47 Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)1034
47 Uzbekistan (UZB)1034
49 Latvia (LAT)1012
50 Algeria (ALG)1001
50 Bahamas (BAH)1001
50 Grenada (GRN)1001
50 Uganda (UGA)1001
50 Venezuela (VEN)1001
55 India (IND)0246
56 Mongolia (MGL)0235
57 Thailand (THA)0213
58 Egypt (EGY)0202
59 Slovakia (SVK)0134
60 Armenia (ARM)0123
60 Belgium (BEL)0123
60 Finland (FIN)0123
63 Bulgaria (BUL)0112
63 Estonia (EST)0112
63 Indonesia (INA)0112
63 Malaysia (MAS)0112
63 Puerto Rico (PUR)0112
63 Chinese Taipei (TPE)0112
69 Botswana (BOT)0101
69 Cyprus (CYP)0101
69 Gabon (GAB)0101
69 Guatemala (GUA)0101
69 Montenegro (MNE)0101
69 Portugal (POR)0101
75 Greece (GRE)0022
75 Moldova (MDA)0022
75 Qatar (QAT)0022
75 Singapore (SIN)0022
79 Afghanistan (AFG)0011
79 Bahrain (BRN)0011
79 Hong Kong (HKG)0011
79 Saudi Arabia (KSA)0011
79 Kuwait (KUW)0011
79 Morocco (MAR)0011
79 Tajikistan (TJK)0011
Total (85 NOCs)302304356962