After the relative peaks of mid-November, we arrive at some less explosive games from Jeremy Lin, although not without some electrifying highlights, all while the Atlanta Hawks, almost unbelievably considering how they’ve played for the most part this season and all the time on defense, win 2 games in a row.

Lin finished with 7 points in 19 minutes, hitting just 1 of his 4 field goal attempts (a corner three) and connecting four more times from the line. He also grabbed 5 rebounds and dished out a couple of assists. His first double-digit game after three straight games in double figures, and only his second game under 10 points in the last 8.

Sparks With Less Substance Than Usual

There was something more passive about Lin this game, perhaps letting a couple of early misses get to him. Lin has been at his best this year when he’s in full attack mode, charging at the basket at every opportunity. The Heat played did their homework and trapped him whenever possible off pick-and-rolls, but after shooting so well this season from deep, it was a mystery to see Lin almost refrain from trying to get his shot going. Obviously, he shouldn’t force what’s not there, but there were opportunities he passed on.

What he didn’t miss out on was getting into the highlight reel. His most memorable moment from the game came early on. Lin dragged two Heat players with him away from the basket and delivered a beautiful behind-the-head, no-look pass to Alex Len, no doubt one of the best assists we’ve seen this season. In the second half, on a drive to the basket (Good things happen when Lin does that), Lin wowed with a sizzling behind the back dribble, resulting in a foul on him for 2 shots.

The Hawks had a terrible fourth quarter which almost cost them the win but ended up improving to 5-16 (2-9 away from home) with a 115-113 victory, as the Heat missed a last-second 3-pointer that would have won them the game. Next up are the Hornets, a team the Hawks beat before their game against the Heat. This time the game will be in Charlotte.

Lin Stats through 21 games: 11.2 points, 3.1 assists, 2.3 rebounds on 50.6% from the field, 41.9% from three and 84.3% from the line while playing 18.9 minutes per game.