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In the American League, the Boston Red Sox continue to dominate the AL East standings with a win over the Baltimore Orioles, who are second on the wild card standings behind the Toronto Blue Jays, enjoying a safe distance from the Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners. In the National League, the San Francisco Giants losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers helped the St. Louis Cardinals tie with them for the second wild card playoff spot, while the New York Mets, despite losing to the Atlanta Braves, remain on top of the wild card standings.

Chicago White Sox 3  Kansas City Royals 8: Robin Ventura stays the entire nine innings and picks up the win, while Kendrys Morales carried on with his terrific late-season surge, hitting home run 29 to drive in 3 runs. Paulo Orlando and Alcides Escobar hit homers too.

Boston Red Sox 5  Baltimore Orioles 2: The Red Sox got two 2-run homers from Mookie Betts and David Ortiz, while Rick Porcello did enough in his complete game, that included 7 k’s, to pick him his 21st win of the season.

Atlanta Braves 7  New York Mets 3: The Mets remain at the top of the wild card standings despite the loss. Aaron Blair has his first win in 13 starts, carried by the offense of Freddie Freeman (4 hits, 1 home run, 3 RBIs).

Washington Nationals 3  Miami Marlins 4: A 5th inning 3-run homer from Danny Espinosa helped the Nats lead for a short while, but Derek Dietrich and Ichiro Suzuki helped drive in runs in the following inning for the win.

Los Angeles Angels 2  Texas Rangers 3: The Rangers come from behind with a home run by Elvis Andrus to tie the game in the 7th, and an Ian Desmond RBI in the 9th for the walk off victory.

Cincinnati Reds 2  Chicago Cubs 5: After some offensive struggles, the Cubs are back to big hitting again, leaning on home runs by Addonis Russell, Wilson Contreras and Jason Heyward, driving in two with his big hit. Jason Hammel struck out 6 in his 7-inning effort.

St. Louis Cardinals 5  Colorado Rockies 3: The Cards win their 3 in a row, which means they’re now tied with the Giants for the second wild card spot. Carlos Martinez earned the win in 5 innings of work, also helping out with his bat, helping score two in the 4th with a double.

Houston Astros 4  Oakland Athletics 2: Evan Gattis opened the game with a home run by the A’s matched and took the lead. In the 8th, Tyler White came on to pinch hit and tie the game, followed by a 2-runsingle from Marwin Gonzalez for the win.

Toronto Blue Jays 3  Seattle Mariners 2: The Blue Jays are once again tied with the Orioles for the two wild card tickets, pushing the Mariners back a bit. Marco Estrada was fantastic in 7 innings of work, allowing just one hit while striking out 8. Juan Encarnacion hit his 41st home run of the season, driving in two.

San Francisco Giants 1  Los Angeles Dodgers 2: Madison Bumgarner had a good game, striking out 10 and allowing one hit. But the Dodgers came back from the one-run down in the ninth against the bullpen, with RBIs by Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez. The Giants lose their sole hold on one of the two spots in the wild card standings, helping the frustration. Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig almost triggered a brawl, with Bumgarner sparking the exchange for some reason.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2  San Diego Padres 3: The Padres score all 3 runs in the 4th, including a home run by Wil Myers, matching the D-Backs record of 63-87, sharing the bottom of the NL West.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Boston Red Sox86640.57346–3240–32
Baltimore Orioles82680.547447–2835–40
Toronto Blue Jays82680.547442–3240–36
New York Yankees77720.51744–3133–41
Tampa Bay Rays64850.43021½35–4029–45
Cleveland Indians86620.58149–2537–37
Detroit Tigers78700.527842–3236–38
Kansas City Royals77730.5131045–3032–43
Chicago White Sox72780.4801541–3331–45
Minnesota Twins55950.3673229–4626–49
Texas Rangers89620.58949–2440–38
Seattle Mariners79710.52741–3438–37
Houston Astros79710.52741–3338–38
Oakland Athletics66840.44022½33–4333–41
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim65850.43323½35–4030–45

National League Standings

National League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Washington Nationals88620.58746–2842–34
New York Mets80700.533841–3439–36
Miami Marlins75750.5001337–3538–40
Philadelphia Phillies67820.45020½34–4133–41
Atlanta Braves59910.3932926–4933–42
Chicago Cubs95550.63353–2342–32
St. Louis Cardinals79710.5271633–4146–30
Pittsburgh Pirates74750.49720½36–3838–37
Milwaukee Brewers68820.4532739–3629–46
Cincinnati Reds63870.4203237–4126–46
Los Angeles Dodgers85650.56748–2737–38
San Francisco Giants79710.527640–3539–36
Colorado Rockies72780.4801340–3632–42
Arizona Diamondbacks63870.4202230–4833–39
San Diego Padres63870.4202234–3829–49

Wild Card Standings

American League
Texas Rangers89620.589
Cleveland Indians86630.577
Boston Red Sox86640.573

(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)

Baltimore Orioles82680.547
Toronto Blue Jays82680.547
Detroit Tigers79700.530
Seattle Mariners79710.5273
Houston Astros79710.5273
New York Yankees77720.517
Kansas City Royals77730.5135
Chicago White Sox72780.48010
Oakland Athletics66840.44016
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim65850.43317
Tampa Bay Rays64850.43017½
Minnesota Twins55950.36727

National League

Chicago Cubs95550.633
Washington Nationals88620.587
Los Angeles Dodgers85650.567

(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)

New York Mets80700.533+1
St. Louis Cardinals79710.527
San Francisco Giants79710.527
Miami Marlins75750.5004
Pittsburgh Pirates74750.497
Colorado Rockies72780.4807
Milwaukee Brewers68820.45311
Philadelphia Phillies67830.44712
Arizona Diamondbacks63870.42016
Cincinnati Reds63870.42016
San Diego Padres63870.42016
Atlanta Braves59910.39320
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