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Jason Heyward Walk off

The wild card standings remain the same: The St. Louis Cardinals hold a small lead over the New York Mets in the National League, while the Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers are tied for the second ticket behind the Boston Red Sox. The Chicago Cubs beating the San Francisco Giants on a big day from Jason Heyward helped the Los Angeles Dodgers, beating the San Diego Padres, open up a 3 game lead at the top of the NL West.

St. Louis Cardinals 5  Cincinnati Reds 2: The Cardinals stop the losing and hold off from threats below. Carlos Martinez picked up a win with a strong start through six innings, helped by home runs from Kolten Wong and Randal Grichuk.

Toronto Blue Jays 5  Tampa Bay Rays 3: The Blue Jays open a one-game lead in the AL East again, thanks to Russell Martin with a two-run homer in the 8th (17 this season) to break the tie and win the game, closed by Roberto Osuna.

New York Yankees 5  Baltimore Orioles 2: The Yankees bring themselves closer to the Red Sox and Orioles with their bullpen doing a great job following Michael Pineda, enjoying early run support from Chase Headley and Austin Romine.

Atlanta Braves 2  Philadelphia Phillies 0: Julio Teheran anchored the shutout win with 7 k’s in 6 innings, and home runs by Freddie Freeman and Matt Kemp took care of the rest.

Milwaukee Brewers 10  Pittsburgh Pirates 0: The Pirates spiral out of control with a shutout loss, their sixth in a row overall. Domingo Santana hit a couple of home runs, Jonathan Villar and Chris Carter added one each.

Chicago White Sox 13  Minnesota Twins 11: Wild win for the White Sox, dropping an early lead, regained it and then saw the game thrust into extra innings. In the 12th, Tim Anderson hit a two-RBI double that set up the save for Tommy Kahnle.

Detroit Tigers 6  Kansas City Royals 5: A huge win for the Tigers, making them level with the Orioles for the 2nd wild card ticket. A strong 7th from the Royals put them 5-4 up, but Justin Upton hit his 20th home run of the season to produce the go ahead sequence, which the Tigers held on to.

San Francisco Giants 2  Chicago Cubs 3: A huge day for Jason Heyward, driving in all 3 of the Cubs runs on singles. He did it in the 9th inning to send the game into extra innings, and again in the 13th inning with a walk-off RBI single.

Houston Astros 7  Texas Rangers 6: The Astros creep closer as well to the Wild Card spot, scoring five runs by the 4th inning and holding on to that lead. Ken Giles produced a shaky save (gave up one run), while George Springer and Evan Gattis each hit home runs.

Boston Red Sox 0  Oakland Athletics 1: After two games of giving up 30 runs, the A’s finally settled, shutting down the Red Sox while winning on just two hits in the game, one of them in the 9th inning by Khris Davis, helped by an error that enabled the win.

Miami Marlins 5  Cleveland Indians 6: The Marlins twice blow a two-run lead and allowed the Indians to escape, as Jose Ramirez and Lonnie Chisenhall both hit for runs in the 9th inning, including the walk off single by Chisenhall.

Los Angeles Angels 4  Seattle Mariners 2: The Mariners have lost 8 of their last 10, giving up home runs in the 1st inning to Albert Pujols and C.J. Cron. Matt Shoemaker got hit with a 105-mph line drive to the head, and left the game in the second inning.

San Diego Padres 4  Los Angeles Dodgers 7: The Dodgers open a 3 game lead over the Giants, enjoying a 9-strikeout start from Jose De Leon, backed by a home run from Yasiel Puig and a less surprising one from Yasmani Grandal.

Arizona Diamondbacks 8  Colorado Rockies 5: The Diamondbacks were behind in the 7th inning, but a 3-run homer from Socrates Brito helped them take a 3-run lead, and ride to the surprising, victorious end.

Washington Nationals 1  New York Mets 5: The Mets remain one game behind the Cards thanks to another dominant performance against the Nationals, riding a strong start from Seth Lugo, supported by home runs from Curtis Granderson and Jay Bruce.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Toronto Blue Jays77590.56640–2837–31
Boston Red Sox76600.559141–3035–30
Baltimore Orioles74620.544345–2529–37
New York Yankees70650.51937–2833–37
Tampa Bay Rays58770.43018½34–3824–39
Cleveland Indians79560.58545–2334–33
Detroit Tigers74620.54439–2835–34
Kansas City Royals70660.51542–2528–41
Chicago White Sox65710.47814½35–2930–42
Minnesota Twins51860.3722927–4224–44
Texas Rangers82550.59947–2235–33
Houston Astros72640.52939–2933–35
Seattle Mariners69670.50712½37–3032–37
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim61750.44920½32–3329–42
Oakland Athletics58780.42623½31–3827–40

National League Standings

National League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Washington Nationals79570.58138–2641–31
New York Mets71660.51838–3333–33
Miami Marlins68690.49611½33–3235–37
Philadelphia Phillies60760.4411930–3930–37
Atlanta Braves54830.39425½22–4432–39
Chicago Cubs88480.64751–2037–28
St. Louis Cardinals71640.52616½30–3741–27
Pittsburgh Pirates67670.5002034–3333–34
Milwaukee Brewers60760.4412837–3523–41
Cincinnati Reds57780.42230½34–3423–44
Los Angeles Dodgers76600.55944–2732–33
San Francisco Giants73630.537338–3035–33
Colorado Rockies65710.4781135–3430–37
Arizona Diamondbacks58780.4261825–4333–35
San Diego Padres56800.4122030–3426–46

Wild Card Standings

American LeagueNational League
Texas Rangers82550.599
Cleveland Indians79560.585
Toronto Blue Jays77590.566

(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)

Boston Red Sox76600.559+2
Baltimore Orioles74620.544
Detroit Tigers74620.544
Houston Astros72640.5292
New York Yankees70650.519
Kansas City Royals70660.5154
Seattle Mariners69670.5075
Chicago White Sox65710.4789
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim61750.44913
Tampa Bay Rays58770.43015½
Oakland Athletics58780.42616
Minnesota Twins51860.37223½
Chicago Cubs88480.647
Washington Nationals79570.581
Los Angeles Dodgers76600.559

(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)

San Francisco Giants73630.537+1½
St. Louis Cardinals71640.526
New York Mets71660.5181
Pittsburgh Pirates67670.500
Miami Marlins68690.4964
Colorado Rockies65710.478
Philadelphia Phillies60760.44111½
Milwaukee Brewers60760.44111½
Arizona Diamondbacks58780.42613½
Cincinnati Reds57780.42214
San Diego Padres56800.41215½
Atlanta Braves54830.39418
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