NBA Final Night Scores & Standings

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Stephen Curry

The NBA regular season ends with the Golden State Warriors breaking the record for wins in a regular season, Kobe Bryant playing his final game like he’s one of the best players on the planet again, and the Houston Rockets clinched their playoff spot while the Utah Jazz were left empty handed.

Other things that were up for grabs were certain seeding spots in the East and West. The Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Charlotte Hornets all finish with a 48-34 record. Miami get #3, Hawks are #4, Celtics are #5 and the Hornets are #6. In the West, the question was who gets the 5-6-7 spots. Portland finish at #5, Dallas are #6 and the Memphis Grizzlies are #7.

Miami Heat 88  Boston Celtics 98: Winning the previous night made the Heat feel more relaxed in this game. They still dropped a 26-point lead against the Celtics, led by Isaiah Thomas with 21 points, although he shot just 4-for-15 from the field.

Toronto Raptors 103  Brooklyn Nets 96: Garbage time game for the #2 seed in the East. Still won though. Norman Powell scored 30 points, Terrence Ross had 24. Bojan Bogdanovic led the Nets with 29 points.

Orlando Magic 103  Charlotte Hornets 117: The Hornets played their part but didn’t move up the standings. Jeremy Lin was the only lineup player with more than 20 minutes of basketball, and Al Jefferson scored a team-high 26 points off the bench.

Detroit Pistons 112  Cleveland Cavaliers 110: The two teams had a not-much-of-a-preview to their playoff series with plenty of key players sitting, including LeBron James. Jodie Meeks led the Pistons with 20 points, rookie Jordan McRae scored 36 points for the Cavs.

Atlanta Hawks 98  Washington Wizards 109: The Wizards fired their head coach after the game (he knew it was coming) in a too little, too late kind of finish to the season. Ramon Sessions scored 22 for Washington, Al Horford had 19 for the Hawks, who settle for the #4 seed after being third for a very long time.

Philadelphia 76ers 105  Chicago Bulls 115: The Sixers finish the season with an embarrassing 10 wins, while the Bulls wonder why they couldn’t win when there was something to play for. Nikola Mirotic scored 32 points, Justin Holiday had 29, with the Bulls basically playing 7 players in the game.

San Antonio Spurs 96  Dallas Mavericks 91: The Mavs didn’t rest players and still lost, as Boban Marjanovic scored 22 points to go with 12 rebounds and an almost perfect shooting day with 7-for-9 from the field and 8-for-8 from the line.

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Sacramento Kings 81  Houston Rockets 116: The Rockets made sure they weren’t going to leave things late, clinching the playoff spot well before the final buzzer sounded off. James Harden scored 38 points, while Patrick Beverley finished with an interesting 9 points, 12 assists, 6 steals stat line.

Indiana Pacers 97  Milwaukee Bucks 92: Solomon Hill was among those enjoying some minutes in the season finale, leading the Pacers with 25 points, giving some players a rest before their playoff series against the Raptors.

New Orleans Pelicans 109  Minnesota Timberwolves 144: The Timberwolves really made it rain on one of the most disappointing teams this season. Four players scored 20 points or more, including 298 for both Shabazz Muhammad and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Memphis Grizzlies 104  Golden State Warriors 125: Stephen Curry played like there’s nothing he can’t do in the 73rd win of the season for the Warriors, closing out what surely will be another MVP campaign for him with 46 points. He made 10 three pointers, and reached 400 three point field goals in a season, while no one else has ever reached 300.

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Utah Jazz 96  Los Angeles Lakers 101: The plan was giving Kobe Bryant the ball and letting him do the rest. And he did. He finished with 60 points on 22-of-50 from the field, in something that’s both magical and farcical at once. Bryant didn’t miss a single shot in the final three minutes of the game, pulling away from the Jazz, playing already knowing that the Rockets had won.

Los Angeles Clippers 105  Phoenix Suns 114: Mirza Teletovic scored 22 points for the Suns in a season that ends very differently from how it started, heading towards another lottery pick instead of the playoffs.

Denver Nuggets 99  Portland Trail Blazers 107: The Blazers wanted the #5 seed and got it, with Damian Lillard scoring 21 points and C.J. McCollum helping out with 17.

Eastern Conference Standings

1c – Cleveland Cavaliers5725.69582
2d – Toronto Raptors5626.6831.082
3d – Miami Heat4834.5859.082
4p – Atlanta Hawks4834.5859.082
5p – Boston Celtics4834.5859.082
6p – Charlotte Hornets4834.5859.082
7p – Indiana Pacers4537.54912.082
8p – Detroit Pistons4438.53713.082
9Chicago Bulls4240.51215.082
10Washington Wizards4141.50016.082
11Orlando Magic3547.42722.082
12Milwaukee Bucks3349.40224.082
13New York Knicks3250.39025.082
14Brooklyn Nets2161.25636.082
15Philadelphia 76ers1072.12247.082

Western Conference Standings

1c – Golden State Warriors739.89082
2d– San Antonio Spurs6715.8176.082
3d – Oklahoma City Thunder5527.67118.082
4– Los Angeles Clippers5329.64620.082
5p – Portland Trail Blazers4438.53729.082
6p – Dallas Mavericks4240.51231.082
7p – Memphis Grizzlies4240.51231.082
8p – Houston Rockets4141.50032.082
9Utah Jazz4042.48833.082
10Sacramento Kings3349.40240.082
11Denver Nuggets3349.40240.082
12New Orleans Pelicans3052.36643.082
13Minnesota Timberwolves2953.35444.082
14Phoenix Suns2359.28050.082
15Los Angeles Lakers1765.20756.082
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