Happy Wizards

In an interesting Sunday afternoon and evening of NBA basketball, the Cleveland Cavaliers look more of a mess than ever, even without LeBron James, while the Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers carry on with their impressive post All-Star break ability.

Cleveland Cavaliers 99  Washington Wizards 113: The Wizards already led by 30 points in a second straight loss for the Cavs, playing without LeBron James, with the feeling that being a contender is the best they’ll ever be in the LeBron era. Otto Porter scored 21 points, John Wall finished with 21 points and 13 assists, with the Wizards trying to hang on to their fading playoff chances.

Charlotte Hornets 76  Atlanta Hawks 87: When your definition of basketball is letting Kemba Walker shoot the ball and hope for the best, you’re going to have games like this. The Hornets shot 33.3% from the field while the Hawks simply took care of their opportunities, having five players in double figures, led by Kent Bazemore scoring 14 points. Marvin Williams on 6-of-18 shooting led the Hornets with 16 points, Jeremy Lin added 15 off the bench.

Toronto Raptors 101  Detroit Pistons 114: The Raptors come down roughly from their clutch win over the Cavaliers. Terrence Ross scoring 27 points weren’t enough as the Pistons made the most of Kyle Lowry not playing. Reggie Jackson scored 19 points, leading six players in double figures, including Andre Drummond with 15 points and 18 rebounds. The Pistons won the third quarter by 17 points, sending the game into long garbage time.

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Portland Trail Blazers 111  Indiana Pacers 102: Damian Lillard is still scorching, scoring 33 points to put the Blazers closer to surprisingly making the playoffs. The Pacers are playing very bad basketball right now, and when Paul George scored just 11 points on 4-of-15 from the field, nothing good happens. Monta Ellis led them with 18 points.

Philadelphia 76ers 116  Orlando Magic 130: What can you say about Sixers games? At least the fans got to see plenty of points, as both Nikola Vucevic and Victor Oladipo finished with 28 points and Aaron Gordon did more than just dunk, scoring 22. Jahlil Okafor led the Sixers with 26 points, still chasing win number nine.

Minnesota Timberwolves 101  Dallas Mavericks 128: The Mavs made quick work of the Timberwolves, scoring 39 points in the first quarter to finish the game early. Chandler Parsons scored 29 points as seven different Mavericks players scored in double figures, including 15 from Wesley Matthews who actually shot decently for once (5-of-10 from the field).

Miami Heat 98  New York Knicks 81: The Heat keep on doing a great job without Chris Bosh, led by Dwyane Wade scoring 26 points and Hassan Whiteside helping out off the bench with 16 and 11 rebounds. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 25 points.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers4116.71957
2Toronto Raptors3918.6842.057
3Boston Celtics3525.5837.560
4Miami Heat3226.5529.558
5Atlanta Hawks3227.54210.059
6Indiana Pacers3127.53410.558
7Charlotte Hornets3027.52611.057
8Chicago Bulls3028.51711.558
9Detroit Pistons3029.50812.059
10Washington Wizards2730.47414.057
11Orlando Magic2532.43916.057
12New York Knicks2535.41717.560
13Milwaukee Bucks2435.40718.059
14Brooklyn Nets1742.28825.059
15Philadelphia 76ers850.13833.558

Western Conference Standings

1 Golden State Warriors 535.91458
2San Antonio Spurs509.8473.559
3Oklahoma City Thunder4118.69512.559
4Los Angeles Clippers3820.65515.058
5Memphis Grizzlies3424.58619.058
6Dallas Mavericks3128.52522.559
7Portland Trail Blazers3128.52522.559
8Houston Rockets2930.49224.559
9Utah Jazz2829.49124.557
10Sacramento Kings2433.42128.557
11New Orleans Pelicans2335.39730.058
12Denver Nuggets2336.39030.559
13Minnesota Timberwolves1940.32234.559
14Phoenix Suns1544.25438.559
15Los Angeles Lakers1149.18343.060
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