January 1 NBA Games Scores & Standings

Posted on 2 Jan, 2016, by in NBA

Hassan Whiteside

Not your usual busy Friday NBA night, as the Chicago Bulls destroy the New York Knicks to open up 2016, still without Derrick Rose; the Miami Heat easily dispatching of the Dallas Mavericks; Washington Wizards keeping their Orlando Magic win-streak alive; Toronto Raptors walloping the injured Charlotte Hornets; and the Los Angeles Lakers, without Kobe Bryant, getting their revenge on the Philadelphia 76ers.

Orlando Magic 91  Washington Wizards 104: Despite the Magic having a very good season, they just can’t win against the Wizards. It was Washington’s 11th consecutive win against Orlando, although they’re 3.5 games behind them right now. John Wall scored 24 points to go with 13 assists and Otto Porter Jr. added 20 points with 11 rebounds. Victor Oladipo led the Magic with 20 points off the bench.

Dallas Mavericks 82  Miami Heat 106: An impressive start to 2016 for the Heat who have a grueling January ahead of them. Hassan Whiteside was unstoppable with 25 points and 19 rebounds, helped by Gerald Green scoring 19 points and Chris Bosh adding 16, while Dwyane Wade sat out due to the flu. The Mavs were awful right from the start, shooting just 36.4% from the field, waiting to pack things up and leave Miami as soon as possible.

Charlotte Hornets 94  Toronto Raptors 104: The Hornets are fading fast, with Jeremy Lin being out, along with other injuries, not helping out. DeMar DeRozan led the Raptors with 23 points and Kyle Lowry added 16 with 11 assists, although both were on bad shooting performances. Kemba Walker scored 18 points but shot just 7-of-21 from the field.

Jimmy Butler

New York Knicks 81  Chicago Bulls 108: The Knicks looked hungover from New Year’s celebrating, or simply shocked at what they’re doing in Chicago. The Bulls, still without Derrick Rose, were led by 23 points from Jimmy Butler, 17 each from Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic while Bobby Portis added 16 off the bench as he continues to make the most of the minutes he’s getting.

Philadelphia 76ers 84  Los Angeles Lakers 93: Revenge!!! No Kobe Bryant, but the Lakers, despite shooting just 37.9% from the field in an awful, awful game of basketball, were able to beat the 76ers to win for the 7th time this season. Lou Williams with 24 points and Jordan Clarkson scoring 19 points led the Lakers, while the Sixers, doing even worse offensively, were led by 15 points from Nerlens Noel.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers219.70030
2Toronto Raptors2113.6182.034
3Atlanta Hawks2113.6182.034
4Chicago Bulls1912.6132.531
5Miami Heat1913.5943.032
6Orlando Magic1914.5763.533
7Indiana Pacers1814.5634.032
8Boston Celtics1814.5634.032
9Detroit Pistons1815.5454.533
10Charlotte Hornets1715.5315.032
11Washington Wizards1516.4846.531
12New York Knicks1519.4418.034
13Milwaukee Bucks1321.38210.034
14Brooklyn Nets923.28113.032
15Philadelphia 76ers332.08620.535

Western Conference Standings

1Golden State Warriors302.93832
2San Antonio Spurs286.8243.034
3Oklahoma City Thunder2310.6977.533
4Los Angeles Clippers2113.61810.034
5Dallas Mavericks1914.57611.533
6Memphis Grizzlies1816.52913.034
7Houston Rockets1618.47115.034
8Utah Jazz1417.45215.531
9Portland Trail Blazers1421.40017.535
10Sacramento Kings1220.37518.032
11Denver Nuggets1221.36418.533
12Minnesota Timberwolves1221.36418.533
13Phoenix Suns1223.34319.535
14New Orleans Pelicans1022.31320.032
15Los Angeles Lakers727.20624.034

Highlight of the Night: Nikola Mirotic with the Super Deep 3-Pointer

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