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Posted on 1 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

Klay Thompson vs Knicks

A double header in Los Angeles was split for the city: The Clippers beating the Chicago Bulls, the Lakers losing to the Charlotte Hornets. In other NBA news, the Orlando Magic finally won a game, the Miami Heat won a fourth in a row against the sliding Atlanta Hawks while the Golden State Warriors, with another huge game from Klay Thompson, had their way with the New York Knicks.

Chicago Bulls 93  Los Angeles Clippers 120: The highs & lows of this season for the Chicago Bulls continue by getting destroyed in LA by the Clippers, falling apart in the second half. Jamal Crawford had 26 off the bench, J.J. Redick finished with 21 points, Chris Paul had 19 and DeAndre Jordan scored 17 points while grabbing 20 rebounds. Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose combined to score 43 points.

Atlanta Hawks 87  Miami Heat 105: The Heat win a fourth straight game for the first time this season, putting them only 0.5 games behind the Hawks in the division. Chris Bosh led the way with 18 points, both Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng scored 17. Paul Millsap and Al Horford each had 17 for the sliding Hawks.

Boston Celtics 114  Orlando Magic 119: After losing eight consecutive games, the Magic finally get to smile at the end of one. Evan Fournier scored 24 points to lead the way, Aaron Gordon followed with 19 points and 14 rebounds and rookie Mario Hezonja added 17 points. Marcus Smart led the Celtics off the bench with 26 points.

Phoenix Suns 78  Dallas Mavericks 91: Dirk Nowitzki didn’t play, but against the saddest bunch in the NBA? Deron Williams led the scoring with 27 points and Chandler Parsons helped out scoring 15. It didn’t matter that the Mavericks shot just 39.1% from the field.

Golden State Warriors 116  New York Knicks 95: A complete obliteration of the Knicks at the Madison Square Garden, as Klay Thompson scored 34 points (37 points per game in the last three) while Draymond Green had a perfect triple double: 20-10-10 while shooting 9-of-9 from the field. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 24 points.

Minnesota Timberwolves 93  Portland Trail Blazers 96: The Timberwolves defense held out for once, but still wasn’t enough in Portland, who remain in 8th. The Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum combination finished with 21 points each while making the most of 17 turnovers by the Timberwolves, who were led by Karl-Anthony Towns scoring 21 points.

Charlotte Hornets 101  Los Angeles Lakers 82: The Hornets have no problem in their final game of their Western Conference Tour, as Marvin Williams and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist each scored 19 to lead the visitors. The Lakers had 23 from Kobe Bryant but shot just 33.8% from the field.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers3412.73946
2Toronto Raptors3215.6812.547
3Chicago Bulls2620.5658.046
4Miami Heat2721.5638.048
5Atlanta Hawks2722.5518.549
6Boston Celtics2722.5518.549
7Indiana Pacers2522.5329.547
8Detroit Pistons2523.52110.048
9Charlotte Hornets2325.47912.048
10Washington Wizards2124.46712.545
11New York Knicks2327.46013.050
12Orlando Magic2125.45713.046
13Milwaukee Bucks2029.40815.549
14Brooklyn Nets1236.25023.048
15Philadelphia 76ers741.14628.048

Western Conference Standings

1Golden State Warriors444.91748
2San Antonio Spurs398.8304.547
3Oklahoma City Thunder3613.7358.549
4Los Angeles Clippers3216.66712.048
5Memphis Grizzlies2820.58316.048
6Dallas Mavericks2822.56017.050
7Houston Rockets2525.50020.050
8Portland Trail Blazers2326.46921.549
9Utah Jazz2125.45722.046
10Sacramento Kings2027.42623.547
11New Orleans Pelicans1828.39125.046
12Denver Nuggets1830.37526.048
13Phoenix Suns1435.28630.549
14Minnesota Timberwolves1435.28630.549
15Los Angeles Lakers941.18036.050
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