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Posted on 27 Nov, 2016, by in NBA

The Golden State Warriors keep up the good work with an 11th consecutive win, this time over the defensively-handicapped Minnesota Timberwolves. The San Antonio Spurs looked impressive as always on the road while beating the Washington Wizards, while Russell Westbrook had himself another triple double as the Oklahoma City Thunder easily handled the visiting Detroit Pistons.

Kawhi Leonard, John Wall

San Antonio Spurs 112  Washington Wizards 100: The Spurs improve to 10-0 on the road this season, getting 24 points from LaMarcus Aldridge, 20 from Tony Parker and 19 by Kawhi Leonard, as the Wizards continue to struggle bringing forth consistent contribution outside their backcourt.

New York Knicks 102  Charlotte Hornets 107: The Hornets get their revenge on the Knicks, led by 28 points from Kemba Walker and a huge 18 points, 17 rebounds performance from Jeremy Lamb. Kristaps Porzingis finished with a team-high 25 points for the Knicks, while Joakim Noah scored 0 once again.

Detroit Pistons 88  Oklahoma City Thunder 106: The Pistons didn’t look like the team that upset the Clippers the night before, succumbing to yet another Russell Westbrook triple double. He finished with 17 points, 13 rebounds and 15 assists, while it was Anthony Morrow with 21 points that led the scoring for the Thunder.

Memphis Grizzlies 110  Miami Heat 107: Coached by a former Miami assistant, the Grizzlies repaid the Heat for their previous win in Memphis. Mike Conley played this time to finish with 21 points and 7 assists, but it was Marc Gasol who made the big difference with 28 points while the Heat settled for 28 points from Dion Waiters, without the crucial help from Tyler Johnson off the bench, this time settling for 12 points.

Warriors beat Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves 102  Golden State Warriors 115: The Warriors are on fire even without Draymond Green. Stephen Curry finished with 34 points to lead them on their 11th consecutive win, Kevin Durant added 28 and Klay Thompson had 23 points. Zach LaVine led Minnesota with 31 points, as they fell to just 2-7 on the road.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers 122.85714
2Toronto Raptors 106.6253.016
3Atlanta Hawks 106.6253.016
4Chicago Bulls106.6253.016
5Boston Celtics97.5634.016
6Charlotte Hornets97.5634.016
7New York Knicks88.5005.016
8Indiana Pacers89.4715.517
9Detroit Pistons810.4446.018
10Milwaukee Bucks68.4296.014
11Orlando Magic610.3757.016
12Washington Wizards510.3337.515
13Miami Heat511.3138.016
14Brooklyn Nets411.2678.515
15Philadelphia 76ers412.2509.016

Western Conference Standings

1Golden State Warriors 152.88217
2Los Angeles Clippers143.8241.017
3San Antonio Spurs 143.8241.017
4Memphis Grizzlies116.6474.017
5Houston Rockets106.6254.516
6Oklahoma City Thunder 108.5565.518
7Utah Jazz98.5296.017
8Portland Trail Blazers99.5006.518
9Los Angeles Lakers89.4717.017
10Sacramento Kings610.3758.516
11Denver Nuggets610.3758.516
12New Orleans Pelicans611.3539.017
13Minnesota Timberwolves511.3139.516
14Phoenix Suns512.29410.017
15Dallas Mavericks213.13312.015
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