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Posted on 9 Nov, 2016, by in NBA

A day of election doesn’t mean NBA teams stop playing. The Atlanta Hawks handed the Cleveland Cavaliers their first loss of the season thanks to a big night from Dennis Schroder. The Portland Trail Blazers flaunted the firepower of the Lillard-McCollum backcourt against the Phoenix Suns. Last and maybe least, the New Orleans Pelicans remain winless, wasting another big game from Anthony Davis.


Atlanta Hawks 110  Cleveland Cavaliers 106: No more undefeated teams, as the Hawks head into Cleveland and play terrific first half basketball before hanging on for the win. Dennis Schroder scored 28 points in his best game of the season, Kent Bazemore was big with 25 and Dwight Howard grabbed 17 rebounds. The Cavs got very little outside their big three, combining for 76 points.

Minnesota Timberwolves 110  Brooklyn Nets 119: The Nets win their first game without Jeremy Lin, dominating the second half and led by Brook Lopez with 26 points, while five more players scored in double figures. Isaiah Whitehead finished with 6 assists, and the Nets once again exposed a bad Timberwolves defense, as Minnesota fall to 0-4 on the road.

Denver Nuggets 107  Memphis Grizzlies 108: Marc Gasol hit the buzzer bating shot off an inbound pass, while Vince Carter led the team, scoring 20 points. Gasol had 19 in a rare occasion when both teams made over 50% of their shots. Emmanuel Mudiay led the Nuggets with 23 points.

Phoenix Suns 121  Portland Trail Blazers 124: The Blazers get revenge on the Suns for the previous loss, led by 71 points form their backcourt: 38 by Lillard, 33 for McCollum. The Suns made it very interesting in the end, mostly thanks to Devin Booker with 31 points.

Dallas Mavericks 109  Los Angeles Lakers 97: No Dirk Nowitzki and Deron Williams isn’t stopping the Mavs from playing good basketball. Another big night for Harrison Barnes, scoring 31 points, while Seth Curry shockingly helped off the bench with 23. The Lakers lost their first home game of the season, led by 22 from Jordan Clarkson.

New Orleans Pelicans 94  Sacramento Kings 102: The Pelicans can’t win at home, can’t win away, can’t win on any day. Anthony Davis had another big game scoring 34 points, but DeMarcus Cousins with 28 and Rudy Gay with 21 led the Kings to their second win in a row.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers61.8577
2Charlotte Hornets51.8330.56
3Atlanta Hawks52.7141.07
4Toronto Raptors42.6671.56
5Detroit Pistons43.5712.07
6Chicago Bulls43.5712.07
7Milwaukee Bucks43.5712.07
8Boston Celtics33.5002.56
9Brooklyn Nets34.4293.07
10Orlando Magic34.4293.07
11Indiana Pacers34.4293.07
12New York Knicks24.3333.56
13Miami Heat24.3333.56
14Washington Wizards15.1674.56
15Philadelphia 76ers06.0005.56

Western Conference Standings

1Oklahoma City Thunder61.8577
2Los Angeles Clippers61.8570.07
3San Antonio Spurs52.7141.07
4Golden State Warriors52.7141.07
5Portland Trail Blazers53.6251.58
6Utah Jazz53.6251.58
7Houston Rockets43.5712.07
8Los Angeles Lakers44.5002.58
9Memphis Grizzlies44.5002.58
10Sacramento Kings45.4443.09
11Denver Nuggets34.4293.07
12Dallas Mavericks25.2864.07
13Phoenix Suns26.2504.58
14Minnesota Timberwolves15.1674.56
15New Orleans Pelicans08.0006.58
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