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Posted on 29 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

The first Friday night of the new NBA season provided a clutch win for the Cleveland Cavaliers off a Kyrie Irving three-pointer, the first win for the new era Brooklyn Nets with Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin combining well, a one-man show for Russell Westbrook in an overtime win for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Kevin Durant leading the Golden State Warriors to their first victory of the season, leaving Anthony Davis with huge numbers but another disappointment.

Kyrie Irving;  Cory Joseph

Cleveland Cavaliers 94  Toronto Raptors 91: The Cavs lean on Kyrie Irving and a game-winning 3-pointer to beat the Raptors in a conference finals rematch. Despite 7 turnovers from Irving and 5 by James, Cleveland improved to 2-0 behind 26 points by Irving and 21 (along with 8 rebounds and 7 assists) from LeBron, getting only 10 points from their bench.

Indiana Pacers 94  Brooklyn Nets 103: A very impressive performance by the Nets, that included good defense on the Pacers (holding them to 37.8% from the field), but mostly a much better offensive look, as Brook Lopez came to life with 25 points and Jeremy Lin was one rebound and one assist short of a triple double, scoring 21. Sean Kilpatrick was terrific off the bench with 18 points.

Orlando Magic 82  Detroit Pistons 108: The Magic are at 0-2, looking very bad on their first road game of the season. They shot just 34.7% from the field, unable to cope with former player Tobias Harris, leading the Pistons with 18 points. Andre Drummond had a 12 points, 20 rebounds double double, and Ish Smith looked a lot better this time with 16 and 8 assists.

Phoenix Suns 110  Oklahoma City Thunder 113: The Thunder needed overtime and the best of Russell Westbrook to get through this one, scoring 51 points on 44 shots to complete a triple double, including 13 rebounds and 10 assists. T.J. Warren led the Suns with 30 points.

Charlotte Hornets 97  Miami Heat 91: The Hornets defense seems to be legit, getting a lot of help from their bench this time. Kemba Walker scored 24 points to help mount a comeback that erased a 19-point deficit, and Jeremy Lamb helped with 16 off the bench, as the Hornets subs scored 51 points. Hassan Whiteside had a 20-15 double double, but the Heat shot just 37.2% from the field.

Houston Rockets 106  Dallas Mavericks 98: There was something a lot more balanced in the Rockets offense this time, which paid off. Trevor Ariza led the way scoring 27 points on 5 three-pointers, while James Harden finished with 26 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. The Mavs, playing without Dirk Nowitzki, were led by 31 points from Harrison Barnes as they fell to 0-2.

Los Angeles Lakers 89  Utah Jazz 96: The Lakers didn’t look so exciting in their second night under Luke Walton, held to just 38.1% shooting against the Jazz stifling defense. George Hill scored 23 points, and Derrick Favors helped out off the bench with 15, just like Rodney Hood. Lou Williams led the Lakers scoring 17 points.

Golden State Warriors 122  New Orleans Pelicans 114: The Warriors started strong and held on to the lead from there. Kevin Durant scored 30 points and combined for 81 along with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Anthony Davis seems to be in a bad spot. He finished with 45 points and 17 rebounds, but it hasn’t been helping the Pelicans win so far.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers201.0002
2Charlotte Hornets201.0000.02
3Chicago Bulls101.0000.51
4Atlanta Hawks101.0000.51
5Boston Celtics11.5001.02
6Toronto Raptors11.5001.02
7Detroit Pistons11.5001.02
8Miami Heat11.5001.02
9Brooklyn Nets11.5001.02
10Indiana Pacers11.5001.02
11Philadelphia 76ers01.0001.51
12Milwaukee Bucks01.0001.51
13Washington Wizards01.0001.51
14New York Knicks01.0001.51
15Orlando Magic02.0002.02

Western Conference Standings

1San Antonio Spurs201.0002
2Oklahoma City Thunder201.0000.02
3Los Angeles Clippers101.0000.51
4Denver Nuggets101.0000.51
5Memphis Grizzlies101.0000.51
6Portland Trail Blazers11.5001.02
7Sacramento Kings11.5001.02
8Houston Rockets11.5001.02
9Los Angeles Lakers11.5001.02
10Utah Jazz11.5001.02
11Golden State Warriors11.5001.02
12Minnesota Timberwolves01.0001.51
13New Orleans Pelicans02.0002.02
14Dallas Mavericks02.0002.02
15Phoenix Suns02.0002.02
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