Anthony Morrow

After his worst NBA season in 2012-2013, Anothony Morrow has half the NBA, and specifically the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors and Charlotte Bobcats interesting in signing him.

The 6’5 shooting guard out of Georgia Tech began his career with the Golden State Warriors, but it seemed like his career just moved backwards after his second season. He still averaged 12 points per games for the Nets in 2011-2012, but he played in only 41 games last year, traded to the Atlanta Hawks and then to the Dallas Mavericks, averaging only 4 points on 9.3 minutes a night for both teams.

However, it doesn’t mean there’s not a place for a usually very good shooter in the league; just not at the $4 million he’s been making a season for the past three years. Morrow is a 42.4% career shooter from beyond the arc, and on the right team, there’s enough use, even for a player with his limited skill set, not to mention being able to play both the shooting guard and even small forward position if necessary.

Not all the teams on this list can actually afford Morrow, unless he takes the veteran’s minimum, while no one seems willing to spend the mid-level exception on him, even if last year was simply him not catching a break instead of a true sign of an early deterioration of his NBA skills.

The San Antonio Spurs are reportedly the most interested of parties, although with the players they’re adding, including Marco Belinelli, there doesn’t seem to be much room for Morrow on the roster, unless they’re planning on moving one of the three point guards (Cory Joseph, Patty Mills, De Colo) via trade, and make their full 15-player squad a little more balanced.

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