NBA – Day 3 Scores & Standings

Posted on 1 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Derrick Rose

The Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose had a happy homecoming with a game-winning shot from the comeback point guard despite another sloppy display from him and his teammates on offense, handing the New York Knicks their first loss of the season, while the Los Angeles Clippers and Chris Paul rebounded from their season opening loss by running the Golden State Warriors off the court despite a huge shooting night from Stephen Curry.

After three nights of NBA action, we have only one team that has played twice and won both games: The Indiana Pacers. The Orlando Magic are the only team to play two games and lose both of them.

New York Knicks 81  Chicago Bulls 82: It comes down to Tyson Chandler making only one of two free throws at the end of the game, giving Derrick Rose the opportunity to have to win the game with a floater above three defenders. Rose finished with 18 points, leading the Chicago Bulls in another sloppy offensive display, getting help from Luol Deng scoring 17. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 22 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 steals, but missed the potential game winner at the buzzer.

Golden State Warriors 115  Los Angeles Clippers 126: The Clippers ran fast and flew high right from the start, making it too difficult for the stunned Warriors to come back. Chris Paul had an enormous night with 42 points, 15 assist (most of them to alley oops) and six steals, as the pressure from the Clippers resulted in 24 Golden State turnovers. Blake Griffin had an impressive 23 points, 10 rebounds double double, while J.J. Redick started hitting the long ball with 17 points. The Warriors were Stephen Curry scoring 38 points and hitting nine three pointers, but the turnovers were too much to overcome.

1Indiana201.0001-01-00-01-096.088.5+7.5Won 22-0
2Toronto101.000 ½1-00-01-01-093.087.0+6.0Won 11-0
3Philadelphia101.000 ½1-00-00-01-0114.0110.0+4.0Won 11-0
4Miami11.50011-00-10-01-1108.5104.5+4.0Lost 11-1
5Detroit101.000 ½1-00-00-01-0113.0102.0+11.0Won 11-0
6Cleveland101.000 ½1-00-00-01-098.094.0+4.0Won 11-0
7Chicago11.50011-00-10-01-188.594.0-5.5Won 11-1
8New York11.50011-00-10-01-185.582.5+3.0Lost 11-1
Brooklyn01.0001 ½0-00-10-00-194.098.0-4.0Lost 10-1
Boston01.0001 ½0-00-10-10-187.093.0-6.0Lost 10-1
Milwaukee01.0001 ½0-00-10-00-183.090.0-7.0Lost 10-1
Atlanta01.0001 ½0-00-10-00-0109.0118.0-9.0Lost 10-1
Washington01.0001 ½0-00-10-00-1102.0113.0-11.0Lost 10-1
Charlotte01.0001 ½0-00-10-00-083.096.0-13.0Lost 10-1
Orlando02.00020-00-20-00-1101.0108.5-7.5Lost 20-2


1Phoenix101.0001-00-00-01-0104.091.0+13.0Won 11-0
2San Antonio101.0001-00-01-01-0101.094.0+7.0Won 11-0
3Oklahoma City101.0000-01-01-01-0101.098.0+3.0Won 11-0
4Sacramento101.0001-00-00-01-090.088.0+2.0Won 11-0
5Houston101.0001-00-00-00-096.083.0+13.0Won 11-0
6Dallas101.0001-00-00-00-0118.0109.0+9.0Won 11-0
7Minnesota101.0001-00-00-00-0120.0115.0+5.0Won 11-0
8Golden State11.500 ½1-00-11-11-1120.0110.0+10.0Lost 11-1
LA Clippers11.500 ½1-00-11-11-1114.5115.5-1.0Won 11-1
LA Lakers11.500 ½1-00-11-11-1105.0114.0-9.0Lost 11-1
Denver01.00010-00-10-00-188.090.0-2.0Lost 10-1
Utah01.00010-10-00-10-198.0101.0-3.0Lost 10-1
New Orleans01.00010-10-00-00-090.095.0-5.0Lost 10-1
Memphis01.00010-00-10-10-194.0101.0-7.0Lost 10-1
Portland01.00010-00-10-00-191.0104.0-13.0Lost 10-1
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