NBA – Day 7 Scores & Standings

Posted on 5 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Los Angeles Clippers

A short list of games to wrap up the first week of the 2013-2014 NBA Season, highlighted by some Pacific division dominance, as the Golden State Warriors had no problem beating the Philadelphia 76ers in Philly, while the Los Angeles Clippers were the first to beat the Houston Rockets this year.

With the Rockets, Timberwolves and Sixers losing, the Pacers remain the only undefeated team in the NBA, while the Celtics are one of four teams without a win (Wizards, Jazz, Nuggets) but the worst of them at 0-4.

Minnesota Timberwolves 92  Cleveland Cavaliers 93: A huge fourth quarter from Minnesota wasn’t enough; not when Kevin Love goes 0-for-7 from beyond the arc and Ricky Rubio doesn’t hit a single field goal. C.J. Miles led the Cavs with 19 points, still waiting for the duo of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters to find some consistency, combining for only 23 points.

Golden State Warriors 110  Philadelphia 76ers 90: Stephen Curry showed just how good of a player he can be even without the three points hooting putting up a 18-10-12 triple double, adding 5 steals before even reaching the fourth quarter. The Philadelphia train stopped as Hawes was limited to only 6 points, while Turner and Carter-Williams led the team with 18 points each.

Boston Celtics 88  Memphis Grizzlies 95: The sad looking Boston Celtics played with a very big lineup in hope of countering the Grizzlies’ big man duo, which worked quite well until the final quarter, with Jerryd Bayless scoring 15 points, joining Mike Conley and Zach Randolph scoring 15 each as well.

Houston Rockets 118  Los Angeles Clippers 137: A rough lesson for the Rockets in some pressure and fast-paced basketball. J.J. Redick led the Clippers with 26 points, while Chris Paul had another big game with 23 and 17 assists. The Rockets suffered from a terrible James Harden game, shooting 0-for-7 from beyond the arc.

Indiana1301.0000.02-01-02-01-03-0W 3
Philadelphia2310.7500.53-00-02-11-03-1L 1
Detroit3210.6671.02-00-02-00-12-1W 1
Miami4220.5001.52-21-02-00-22-2W 1
Toronto5210.6671.02-11-01-01-12-1W 1
Orlando6220.5001.51-10-02-00-22-2W 2
Cleveland7220.5001.51-20-12-00-22-2W 1
Chicago8120.3332.01-20-01-00-21-2L 1
New York120.3332.01-10-01-10-11-2L 2
Milwaukee120.3332.01-20-00-11-11-2L 1
Atlanta120.3332.01-00-01-00-21-2L 1
Charlotte120.3332.01-00-01-00-21-2L 1
Brooklyn120.3332.01-20-01-00-21-2L 1
Washington030.0003.00-30-10-10-20-3L 3
Boston040.0003.50-30-10-10-30-4L 4


L.A. Clippers1310.7500.03-12-12-01-13-1W 3
Houston2310.7500.02-11-02-01-13-1L 1
Minnesota3310.7500.01-01-02-01-13-1L 1
Golden State4310.7500.02-12-12-01-13-1W 2
Oklahoma City5210.6670.52-11-11-01-12-1W 1
Phoenix6210.6670.52-10-02-00-12-1L 1
Portland7210.6670.52-11-01-01-12-1W 2
San Antonio8210.6670.52-11-01-01-12-1L 1
Dallas210.6670.51-11-12-00-12-1W 1
L.A. Lakers220.5001.01-21-12-10-12-2W 1
Memphis220.5001.00-20-22-00-22-2W 1
Sacramento120.3331.51-20-21-10-11-2L 2
New Orleans120.3331.50-00-01-10-11-2W 1
Denver020.0002.00-20-10-10-10-2L 2
Utah030.0002.50-30-10-20-10-3L 3
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