Clippers beat Heat

A dominant day for two California teams over two of the best from the East, as the Los Angeles Clippers manhandles the Miami Heat on the road with a 17-point win and the Sacramento Kings ended the Bulls’ perfect road form with a 15-point win.

The loss for the Bulls is their fourth of the season, falling to third in the East. The Heat, despite the promising start, are also struggling with injuries, falling back to being at .500, which is usually pretty good in the East.

Los Angeles Clippers 110  Miami Heat 93: A devastating start from the Clippers, outscoring the Heat 39-15 in the first quarter, set the tone for the rest of the game. Miami were playing without Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng, making things a lot easier for Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, each scoring 26 points. Bosh led the Heat with 28 points.

Chicago Bulls 88  Sacramento Kings 103: The Bulls’ perfect road form has come to an end, struggling to show their usual defensive fortitude, still missing Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose. It was another great day for Dream Teamers Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins. The center had a 22-12 double double, helped out by Gay with 20 points, helping Sacramento move back to two games above .500.

1Toronto92.8187-12-12-06-2105.196.0+9.1Won 28-2
2Washington73.7001 ½4-13-22-17-299.097.3+1.7Lost 17-3
3Chicago84.6671 ½2-36-12-26-3101.397.6+3.7Lost 17-3
4Milwaukee75.5832 ½4-13-41-25-596.496.40Won 36-4
5Miami66.5003 ½3-43-21-24-497.197.0+0.1Lost 14-6
6Cleveland55.5003 ½2-33-21-03-1105.0103.1+1.9Lost 25-5
7Atlanta55.5003 ½4-11-41-14-3102.6103.9-1.3Lost 25-5
8Indiana57.4174 ½3-42-31-14-591.693.0-1.4Won 24-6
Boston46.4004 ½2-42-22-14-2106.8107.5-0.7Won 14-6
Orlando58.38552-33-50-24-696.599.8-3.3Lost 15-5
Brooklyn47.36453-31-41-13-3101.7102.0-0.3Lost 54-6
Charlotte48.3335 ½3-21-62-03-293.999.3-5.4Lost 33-7
Detroit39.2506 ½2-41-51-12-492.496.9-4.5Lost 33-7
New York310.23172-51-50-12-895.8100.8-5.1Lost 21-9
Philadelphia011.00090-50-60-20-788.6105.0-16.4Lost 110-10
1Memphis102.8336-04-22-07-097.991.8+6.1Lost 18-2
2Golden State82.80014-14-14-16-2108.698.3+10.3Won 38-2
3Dallas93.75015-14-21-15-2108.998.5+10.4Won 58-2
4Portland83.7271 ½7-11-23-05-3104.495.9+8.5Won 57-3
5Houston93.75013-26-11-15-397.392.2+5.2Lost 27-3
6San Antonio74.6362 ½3-14-31-24-494.791.6+3.1Won 26-4
7LA Clippers74.6362 ½4-33-12-25-3103.5100.6+2.8Won 26-4
8New Orleans64.60034-12-31-24-3104.498.9+5.5Won 16-4
Sacramento75.58334-23-32-16-5102.6100.8+1.8Won 16-4
Phoenix75.58334-33-23-24-4103.8104.2-0.3Won 25-5
Utah57.41753-22-51-02-497.6101.0-3.4Won 15-5
Denver47.3645 ½2-32-41-31-5102.0106.5-4.5Won 23-7
Minnesota37.30062-21-50-00-4102.0108.9-6.9Won 13-7
LA Lakers39.25071-52-40-51-9102.3110.2-7.8Won 23-7
Oklahoma City310.2317 ½2-31-71-32-689.795.3-5.6Lost 42-8
Standings via ESPN