Percy Harvin

While the potential of Percy Harvin is always exciting to think about, there are just more reasons for the Buffalo Bills to move on from the disappointing specialist, who tends to spends more time on the DL than on the field.

Harvin played in just five games for the Bills in 2015 and since 2012 has played in just 28 games for the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and Bills. His numbers? 1395 receiving yards in that time with 5 touchdowns and 329 rushing yards with a couple of touchdowns. He also scored one kickoff return touchdown in that time but overall, despite the many uses he has and what he did for the Seahawks in the playoffs that year, Harvin might not be worth the hassle.

When asked about the issue, the Bills keep saying that if he can stay healthy or be completely healthy and other variations of that term, he’ll be back in 2016, or they’ll strongly consider it. He hasn’t played since October, and when it’s been happening time and time again for more than half of his career, all the impressive things Harvin has done when he’s been available for his teams and on the field are easily forgotten. He didn’t make much of an impact for the Bills when he was healthy this season.

Harvin knew this might be coming. He signed a one-year, $6 million deal with the Bills before last season: $3 million as a signing bonus and $2.9 million as guaranteed salary, among other small bonuses. The contract length is three years but the final two years of the contract are voidable and with it costing the Bills nothing to cut him loose up to a certain point, it’s just hard to see why they should keep him around, and not let someone else take a risk on a talented, but questionable player in more than just his fitness and health.

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