Arizona Cardinals

The best team in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals, kept on winning in week 10 to remain the only one-loss team in the league, while the Green Bay Packers poured on more humiliation on the Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off an easy win in London and the Denver Broncos shrugged a rough start to keep the Oakland Raiders on zero wins.

Cleveland Browns 24  Cincinnati Bengals 3: Amazing to see the Browns lead the AFC North outright, without sharing the lead. A big day on the ground while an awful one for Andy Dalton (10-of-33 for 86 yards) paved the way to victory.

Dallas Cowboys 31  Jacksonville Jaguars 17: The Cowboys took a risk by playing Tony Romo but nothing bad happened, ending their losing streak by winning in London. DeMarco Murray is back to running for over 100 yards, Romo threw three touchdown passes, completing 20-of-27.

Kansas City Chiefs 17  Buffalo Bills 13: A big dent in the playoff hopes of the Bills thanks to a big fourth quarter comeback by the Chiefs, with Jamaal Charles and Alex Smith running for the winning touchdowns.

Miami Dolphins 16  Detroit Lions 20: Matthew Stafford engineers another come from behind win, throwing the game winning touchdown to Theo Riddick with 29 seconds left on the clock to keep on leading the NFC North.

San Francisco 49ers 27  New Orleans Saints 24: Two big plays on a bad day from the Niners made this win: Colin Kaepernick competing a 51-yard pass on fourth down to lead the Niners to a game-tying field goal and a sack by Ahmad Brooks on Drew Brees that led to a fumble and the overtime winning field goal for the desperate Niners.

Tennessee Titans 7  Baltimore Ravens 21: Another ugly game from the Ravens, but a big day for Justin Forsett with two touchdowns led the way to another unimpressive victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers 13  New York Jets 20: After two weeks of easy living, Ben Roethlisberger threw two interceptions while the Jets played some great defense and got two touchdown passes from Michael Vick in a win that’s mostly about feeling better during a crappy season.

Atlanta Falcons 27  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17: This is an awful season for the Falcons, but it’s worse for the Bucs. The Falcons pulled away in the fourth quarter with a Roddy White touchdown and Matt Bryant kick to come from behind after trailing 17-16 early in the quarter.

Denver Broncos 41  Oakland Raiders 17: The Raiders led 3-0 and 10-6 while Peyton Manning made some mistakes early on, but he finished with five touchdown passes when at some point it stopped being a fair contest.

St. Louis Rams 14  Arizona Cardinals 31: The best team in the NFL keeps winning, improving to 8-1, turning a tight game into a mini blowout thanks to their excellent defense, scoring touchdown on an interception and fumble return in the fourth quarter.

New York Giants 17  Seattle Seahawks 38: A bad day for Russell Wilson didn’t stop the Seahawks from running all over the Giants in the fourth quarter. A tight game (17-17 going into the fourth) was opened up by Marshawn Lynch who ended up scoring four touchdowns while Wilson ran for one himself to finish the game.

Chicago Bears 14  Green Bay Packers 55: Complete and utter humiliation, with Aaron Rodgers throwing six touchdown passes in one half, and the Packers leading 45-0 before the Bears actually got on the board.

Carolina Panthers 21  Philadelphia Eagles 45: The Eagles sacked Cam Newton into oblivion while enjoying an excellent performance from Mark Sanchez (!!!) and Darren Sproles, remaining on top of the NFC East.


Philadelphia720.7785-02-22-04-2279198+81Won 2
Dallas730.7003-34-01-14-3261212+49Won 1
NY Giants360.3332-21-41-22-5195247-52Lost 4
Washington360.3332-21-41-21-5197229-32Lost 1
Detroit720.7784-13-12-05-1182142+40Won 4
Green Bay630.6674-02-33-14-3277205+72Won 1
Minnesota450.4442-22-30-24-3168199-31Won 2
Chicago360.3330-33-30-22-3194277-83Lost 3
New Orleans450.4443-11-42-14-4251225+26Lost 1
Carolina361.3502-31-3-11-13-4198281-83Lost 4
Atlanta360.3332-21-43-03-4219238-19Won 1
Tampa Bay180.1110-51-30-40-6167272-105Lost 5
Arizona810.8895-03-12-06-0223170+53Won 5
Seattle630.6674-12-20-14-2240191+49Won 3
San Francisco540.5562-23-21-24-3195202-7Won 1
St. Louis360.3331-32-32-23-5163251-88Lost 1
New England720.7785-02-22-15-2281198+83Won 5
Miami540.5562-23-21-14-2227171+56Lost 1
Buffalo540.5562-33-12-12-4191182+9Lost 1
NY Jets280.2002-40-40-22-5174265-91Won 1
Cleveland630.6674-12-22-24-3209172+37Won 3
Cincinnati531.6114-1-11-22-14-3197211-14Lost 1
Pittsburgh640.6004-12-32-25-3261239+22Lost 1
Baltimore640.6004-12-32-33-4261181+80Won 1
Indianapolis630.6673-13-23-05-2290211+79Won 1
Houston450.4442-22-31-13-2206197+9Lost 1
Tennessee270.2221-31-41-22-5144223-79Lost 3
Jacksonville190.1001-40-50-21-6158282-124Lost 3
Denver720.7785-02-23-05-1286202+84Won 1
Kansas City630.6673-13-21-15-2217151+66Won 4
San Diego540.5563-12-31-24-3205186+19Lost 3
Oakland090.0000-50-40-20-7146252-106Lost 9


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