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The Arizona Cardinals lose for only the second time this season as they were stifled by the Seattle Seahawks defense, the Denver Broncos manage to escape a scary Miami Dolphins team, the Dallas Cowboys make this season even more depressing for the New York Giants and the New England Patriots look too goo for anyone, this time humiliating the Detroit Lions.

Cleveland Browns 26  Atlanta Falcons 24: The Cleveland Browns continue their rollercoaster ride of the season with a win in Atlanta, as Brian Hoyer doesn’t throw any touchdowns but does very well on key drives to pick up the victory.

Tennessee Titans 24  Philadelphia Eagles 43: A very good game for both Mark Sanchez and LeSean McCoy makes for an easy win against one of the worst teams in the league.

Detroit Lions 9  New England Patriots 34: Maybe the most complete two-sided game from the Patriots this season, firing on all cylinders and looking like the best team in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers 24  Minnesota Vikings 21: A big day on the ground for Eddie Lacy and a less than vintage Aaron Rodgers were enough to keep the Packers en route to win their division.

Jacksonville Jaguars 3  Indianapolis Colts 23: You can make all the mistakes you want when playing the Jaguars, you’re still going to win.

Cincinnati Bengals 21  Houston Texans 13: When Andy Dalton doesn’t shoot himself in the foot, the Bengals are incredibly difficult to beat.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13  Chicago Bears 21: The Lovie Smith return started out with a 10-0 lead at half time for the visitors, but a big day for Matt Forte with two touchdowns gave the Bears consecutive wins.

Arizona Cardinals 3  Seattle Seahawks 19: Without Larry Fitzgerald to throw to, the Cardinals were empty on offense, while the Seahawks did just about enough – avoiding mistakes and running the ball a lot to hand the Cards their second loss of the season.

St. Louis Rams 24  San Diego Chargers 27: The Chargers overcome a scary afternoon with a solid game from Philip Rivers and Ryan Mathews.

Miami Dolphins 36  Denver Broncos 39: The Broncos look fragile and vulnerable, yet they managed to escape with a win, erasing an 11-point deficit in the final quarter with some great plays from Peyton Manning and a big day on the ground for C.J. Anderson with 167 yards.

Washington Redskins 13  San Francisco 49ers 17: Another so-so game from the 49ers, but it’s still enough to win thanks to a late touchdown from Carlos Hyde while Robert Griffin III continues to look like a quarterback that forgot how to play.

Dallas Cowboys 31  New York Giants 28: A great performance from Tony Romo in the clutch, including a touchdown pass to win the game with 1:01 left to play sent the Giants to even deeper depression.

New York Jets 3  Buffalo Bills 38: Another low point for the Jets with just 218 yards of offense against a Bills team playing in Detroit, enjoying a no-mistake game from Kyle Orton.

Baltimore Ravens 34  New Orleans Saints 27: Beating the Saints in New Orleans is no longer difficult, as the Ravens keep up the pace with the rest of their division.


Philadelphia830.7276-02-32-04-3342275+67Won 1
Dallas830.7273-35-02-15-3292240+52Won 2
NY Giants380.2732-41-41-32-7233294-61Lost 6
Washington380.2732-31-51-21-7217273-56Lost 3
Green Bay830.7275-03-34-16-3354246+108Won 3
Detroit740.6364-13-32-05-2197190+7Lost 2
Chicago560.4552-33-31-24-3236303-67Won 2
Minnesota470.3642-32-40-44-5202244-42Lost 2
Atlanta470.3642-32-44-04-4262281-19Lost 1
New Orleans470.3643-31-42-14-4288286+2Lost 3
Carolina371.3182-41-3-11-23-5215300-85Lost 5
Tampa Bay290.1820-52-40-41-7207300-93Lost 1
Arizona920.8186-03-22-17-1240195+45Lost 1
Seattle740.6365-12-31-15-2279218+61Won 1
San Francisco740.6363-24-21-26-3228225+3Won 3
St. Louis470.3642-32-42-23-5209285-76Lost 1


New England920.8186-03-22-16-2357227+130Won 7
Miami650.5453-23-32-15-3285219+66Lost 1
Buffalo650.5453-33-23-23-5238207+31Won 1
NY Jets290.1822-40-50-32-6177303-126Lost 1
Cincinnati731.6824-1-13-22-15-3246234+12Won 2
Baltimore740.6364-13-32-33-4295208+87Won 2
Pittsburgh740.6364-13-32-26-3288263+25Won 1
Cleveland740.6364-23-22-24-4242219+23Won 1
Indianapolis740.6364-23-24-06-3333256+77Won 1
Houston560.4552-33-31-14-3242226+16Lost 1
Tennessee290.1821-41-51-22-6192293-101Lost 5
Jacksonville1100.0911-40-60-31-7161305-144Lost 4
Denver830.7276-02-33-06-1332260+72Won 1
Kansas City740.6364-13-31-25-3261195+66Lost 1
San Diego740.6365-12-32-25-3245216+29Won 2
Oakland1100.0911-50-51-31-8176285-109Won 1
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