Indianapolis Colts

After the results of week 13, there are five teams that share the best record in the NFL: The Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers in the NFC while the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos share that distinction in the AFC.

Chicago Bears 17  Detroit Lions 34: A huge win for the Lions before they slipped to far behind the Packers in the NFC North, while making sure the Bears know they’re not going anywhere this season.

Philadelphia Eagles 33  Dallas Cowboys 10: Great performance from LeSean McCoy while the Cowboys defense and offense stunk up the place, losing their co-hold on the top spot in the NFC East.

Seattle Seahawks 19  San Francisco 49ers 3: A low point for the inconsistent 49ers this season, smothered by a perfect defense and unable to stop a persistent and efficient offense.

Washington Redskin 27  Indianapolis Colts 49: Andrew Luck had the time of his life against the crumbling organization known as the Redskins.

Tennessee Titans 21  Houston Texans 45: The Texans aren’t giving up on the playoffs and J.J. Watt can’t stop catching touchdown passes, with Ryan Fitzpatrick having a career day with six touchdown throws.

Cleveland Browns 10  Buffalo Bills 26: Johnny Manziel scored a touchdown but that was about the only high point for the Browns, struggling to put points on the board over the last two weeks.

San Diego Chargers 34  Baltimore Ravens 33: The Chargers and Philip Rivers are scorching again, getting their best win of the season on the road.

New York Giants 24  Jacksonville Jaguars 25: The Giants have had many low points this season. Losing to Jacksonville might be the most pathetic of them.

Cincinnati Bengals 14  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13: The Bengals are the only AFC North team that won this weekend, giving them a huge boost in the tight race to win the division.

Oakland Raiders 0  St. Louis Rams 52: The Raiders are a franchise with championships and many great moments in its past. This was not one of them.

New Orleans Saints 35  Pittsburgh Steelers 32: Drew Brees put on a show in the icy Pittsburgh weather while the Steelers once again astounded everyone by looking so bad when we know how good they can be.

Carolina Panthers 13  Minnesota Vikings 31: It’s hard to believe these Panthers are the same team that looked like the best in the NFC last year. The Vikings scored two touchdowns by blocking punts.

Arizona Cardinals 18  Atlanta Falcons 29: Matt Ryan and Julio Jones make each other look great, while the Cardinals lose a second game in a row, looking terrible offensively once again.

New England Patriots 21  Green Bay Packers 26: The best game of the week with Aaron Rodgers looking calm and calculated against Tom Brady, making one more big play to come away with the win.

Denver Broncos 29  Kansas City Chiefs 16: The struggling Broncos went to the ground to get a win that puts them once again with a share of the lead in the AFC.

Dolphins 16  Jets 13: The Jets did everyting possible not to win this game: Have a punt blocked, missed field goas. The Dolphins stay in the hunt for a playoff spot.


Philadelphia930.7506-03-33-05-3375285+90Won 2
Dallas840.6673-45-02-25-4302273+29Lost 1
NY Giants390.2502-41-51-32-7257319-62Lost 7
Washington390.2502-31-61-21-7244322-78Lost 4
Green Bay930.7506-03-34-16-3380267+113Won 4
Detroit840.6675-13-33-06-2231207+24Won 1
Chicago570.4172-33-41-34-4253337-84Lost 1
Minnesota570.4173-32-40-45-5233257-24Won 1
Atlanta570.4173-32-44-05-4291299-8Won 1
New Orleans570.4173-32-42-14-4323318+5Won 1
Carolina381.2922-41-4-11-23-6228331-103Lost 6
Tampa Bay2100.1670-62-40-41-7220314-94Lost 2
Arizona930.7506-03-32-17-2258224+34Lost 2
Seattle840.6675-13-32-16-2298221+77Won 2
San Francisco750.5833-34-21-36-4231244-13Lost 1
St. Louis570.4173-32-42-23-5261285-24Won 1


New England930.7506-03-32-16-2378253+125Lost 1
Miami750.5833-24-33-16-3301232+69Won 1
Buffalo750.5834-33-23-24-5264217+47Won 2
NY Jets2100.1672-50-50-42-7190319-129Lost 2
Cincinnati831.7084-1-14-22-15-3260247+13Won 3
Baltimore750.5834-23-32-33-5328242+86Lost 1
Pittsburgh750.5834-23-32-26-3320298+22Lost 1
Cleveland750.5834-23-32-24-5252245+7Lost 1
Indianapolis840.6675-23-24-06-3382283+99Won 2
Houston660.5003-33-32-15-3287247+40Won 1
Tennessee2100.1671-41-61-32-7213338-125Lost 6
Jacksonville2100.1672-40-60-31-7186329-143Won 1
Denver930.7506-03-34-07-1361276+85Won 2
San Diego840.6675-13-32-26-3279249+30Won 3
Kansas City750.5834-23-31-35-4277224+53Lost 2
Oakland1110.0831-50-61-31-8176337-161Lost 1
Image via AP Photo/Darron Cummings