NFL Week 14

Week 14 of the 2014 NFL Season opened with the Dallas Cowboys easily beating the Chicago Bears, carrying on by the conference leaders – Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos all winning their games, while the Oakland Raiders actually won again, beating the falling apart San Francisco 49ers.

Dallas Cowboys 41  Chicago Bears 28: Another home loss in a sad season for the Chicago Bears, while the Cowboys got plenty from Romo & Murray to once again share the lead in the NFC East.

Pittsburgh Steelers 42  Cincinnati Bengals 21: The rollercoaster ride of the AFC North continues, with Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell putting on quite the performance in a 25-point fourth quarter.

St. Louis Rams 24  Washington Redskins 0: The Redskins are terrible no matter who is playing at quarterback, while the Rams get their second consecutive shutout.

New York Giants 36  Tennessee Titans 7: Eli Manning is the new king of garbage time.

Carolina Panthers 41  New Orleans Saints 10: After two months without a win the Panthers come out and dismantle the Saints in New Orleans, which in the NFC South means they have a shot at making the playoffs.

New York Jets 24  Minnesota Vikings 30: The Jets weren’t embarrassing for once; Geno Smith was decent and Percy Harvin finally got a chance to put on some big numbers against his former team. But the Jets are bad in more than just one way.

Baltimore Ravens 28  Miami Dolphins 13: A great finish from Joe Flacco and overall fantastic defense all game long put the Ravens in a very good position playoff-wise, especially after the Browns lost.

Indianapolis Colts 25  Cleveland Browns 24: Andrew Luck has been known for his ability to conjure some late-game magic, and this time made his big touchdown play with 30 seconds left to beat the Browns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17  Detroit Lions 34: A big day for Stafford and Calvin Johnson against a team it’s not very difficult to beat.

Houston Texans 27  Jacksonville Jaguars 13: It seems the reason for existence of the Jaguars and the Titans in the AFC South is to keep the Texans in the playoff race.

Buffalo Bills 17  Denver Broncos 24: The Broncos continue to learn how to win without Peyton Manning, who didn’t throw a touchdown pass.

Kansas City Chiefs 14  Arizona Cardinals 17: Not a lot of offense, but the Cards’ defense is special, good enough to shutout the Chiefs in the second half, reaching 10 wins quicker than anyone in the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks 24  Philadelphia Eagles 14: The Seahawks defense is quite special, even on the road, on its good days, completely stifling the Eagles offense.

San Francisco 49ers 13  Oakland Raiders 24: A low point for Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco with an abysmal performance from Colin Kaepernick.

New England Patriots 23  San Diego Chargers 14: After falling 14-3 behind, a lagging offense but close to perfect defense pulled off a great win for the Patriots in possibly their last difficult game of the regular season.


Philadelphia940.6926-13-33-05-4389309+80Lost 1
Dallas940.6923-46-02-26-4343301+42Won 1
NY Giants490.3082-42-51-32-7293326-33Won 1
Washington3100.2312-41-61-21-8244346-102Lost 5
Green Bay930.7506-03-34-16-3380267+113Won 4
Detroit940.6926-13-33-07-2265224+41Won 2
Minnesota670.4624-32-40-45-5263281-18Won 2
Chicago580.3852-43-41-34-5281378-97Lost 2
Atlanta570.4173-32-44-05-4291299-8Won 1
New Orleans580.3853-42-42-24-5333359-26Lost 1
Carolina481.3462-42-4-12-24-6269341-72Won 1
Tampa Bay2110.1540-62-50-41-8237348-111Lost 3
Arizona1030.7697-03-32-17-2275238+37Won 1
Seattle940.6925-14-32-17-2322235+87Won 3
San Francisco760.5383-34-31-36-4244268-24Lost 2
St. Louis670.4623-33-42-24-52852850Won 2


New England1030.7696-04-32-17-2401267+134Won 1
Miami760.5383-34-33-16-4314260+54Lost 1
Buffalo760.5384-33-33-24-6281241+40Lost 1
NY Jets2110.1542-50-60-42-7214349-135Lost 3
Cincinnati841.6544-2-14-22-25-4281289-8Lost 1
Pittsburgh850.6154-24-33-27-3362319+43Won 1
Baltimore850.6154-24-32-34-5356255+101Won 1
Cleveland760.5384-33-32-24-6276270+6Lost 2
Indianapolis940.6925-24-24-07-3407307+100Won 3
Houston760.5383-34-33-16-3314260+54Won 2
Tennessee2110.1541-51-61-32-7220374-154Lost 7
Jacksonville2110.1542-50-60-41-8199356-157Lost 1
Denver1030.7697-03-34-08-1385293+92Won 3
San Diego850.6155-23-32-26-4293272+21Lost 1
Kansas City760.5384-23-41-35-4291241+50Lost 3
Oakland2110.1542-50-61-31-8200350-150Won 1
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