Dallas Cowboys

The 2014 NFL regular season is over without too much drama on the last week of the season. The Seattle Seahawks claimed the top spot in the NFC and the Green Bay Packers join them in the bye week, while the Carolina Panthers win the battle for the NFC South and the final playoff spot in the conference over the Atlanta Falcons. The Baltimore Ravens, joining the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers in their division, won the race for the last postseason berth in the AFC.

Dallas Cowboys 44  Washington Redskins 17: The Cowboys win the NFC East and finish the season with a perfect 8-0 record on the road, walking all over the last-placed Redskins. Romo had fun, Dez Bryant starred in an easy effort and DeMarco Murray reached 100 yards once again.

Cleveland Browns 10  Baltimore Ravens 20: The Ravens had to rally back in the fourth quarter, scoring 17 unanswered point to make their way into the playoffs as the AFC North send three teams to the Wild Card Round. Flacco was perfect in the fourth and very good throughout the game, while Connor Shaw didn’t make much of his opportunity as a starter.

Indianapolis Colts 27  Tennessee Titans 10: The Colts didn’t manage to get lucky enough to earn the bye but had no problem completing a sweep in the AFC South, hoping to fix all their problems in time for the playoff game against the Bengals.

Jacksonville Jaguars 17  Houston Texans 23: J.J. Watt reached 20 sacks for a second consecutive season in a monster year for him and a nice bounce back season for the Texans, although it wasn’t enough for more than second place in the AFC South, missing out on the playoffs.

San Diego Chargers 7  Kansas City Chiefs 19: Both teams were hoping to make the playoffs, but the Chargers, who simply needed to win, had their hopes dashed by losing for a second time this season to the Chiefs, getting an awful performance from Philip Rivers, having a really bad second half to the season.

New York Jets 37  Miami Dolphins 24: A game that meant nothing and might be the last for Rex Ryan. Geno Smith, out of nowhere, pulled off his best game as a pro, completing 20 of 25 passes with three touchdown throws for 358 yards.

Chicago Bears 9  Minnesota Vikings 13: In the battle for who finishes last in the NFC North, the pathetic Chicago Bears manage to win/lose, while the Vikings finish a 7-9 season with plenty of hope for the future.

Buffalo Bills 17  New England Patriots 9: A garbage time win for the Bills who actually finish above .500, but the Patriots really don’t care about that, going towards a week off, having home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles 34  New York Giants 26: The Eagles finish the season at 10-6 yet feel disappointed. However, their run of great results against the Giants continues with Mark Sanchez outplaying Eli Manning.

New Orleans Saints 23  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20: A garbage time win for the 7-9 Saints, which was mostly about showing how bad the Bucs are, conceding 16 points in the fourth quarter without scoring a single one.

Carolina Panthers 34  Atlanta Falcons 3: The miraculous comeback of the Panthers out of the grave was capped off with a demolition of the Falcons in a game that was about the NFC North crown. The Panthers become the first team in the history of the division to win it two years in a row, somehow, someway making the playoffs.

Detroit Lions 20  Green Bay Packers 30: Some things never change – Aaron Rodgers at home will torch whoever it is in front of him. The Lions’ lack of class and cheap shots didn’t stop them from making it into the playoffs.

Oakland Raiders 14  Denver Broncos 47: Just another game for Peyton Manning to pad up his stats and more importantly ensure the Broncos have a bye week and one home game in these playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals 17  San Francisco 49ers 20: Jim Harbaugh got to say goodbye to his players, fans and team with a win, while the Cardinals are headed into the playoffs knowing they can’t do much with Ryan Lindley at quarterback.

St. Louis Rams 6  Seattle Seahawks 20: No trick plays, no surprises, as the Seahawks finish the season strong to claim the number one seed in the NFC for a second straight season.

Cincinnati Bengals 17  Pittsburgh Steelers 27: A lot of bad blood between the two teams, and Pittsburgh winning the division in another disappointing performance from Andy Dalton. Both teams make the playoffs.


z – Dallas1240.7504-48-04-28-4467352+115Won 4
Philadelphia1060.6256-24-44-26-6474400+74Won 1
NY Giants6100.3753-53-52-44-8380400-20Lost 1
Washington4120.2503-51-72-42-10301438-137Lost 1
* – Green Bay1240.7508-04-45-19-3486348+138Won 2
y – Detroit1150.6887-14-45-19-3321282+39Lost 1
Minnesota790.4385-32-61-56-6325343-18Won 1
Chicago5110.3132-63-51-54-8319442-123Lost 5
z – Carolina781.4694-43-4-14-26-6339374-35Won 4
New Orleans790.4383-54-43-36-6401424-23Won 1
Atlanta6100.3753-53-55-16-6381417-36Lost 1
Tampa Bay2140.1250-82-60-61-11277410-133Lost 6
** – Seattle1240.7507-15-35-110-2394254+140Won 6
y – Arizona1150.6887-14-43-38-4310299+11Lost 2
San Francisco880.5004-44-42-47-5306340-34Won 1
St. Louis6100.3753-53-52-44-8324354-30Lost 3


** – New England1240.7507-15-34-29-3468313+155Lost 1
Buffalo970.5635-34-44-25-7343289+54Won 1
Miami880.5004-44-43-36-6388373+15Lost 1
NY Jets4120.2502-62-61-54-8283401-118Won 1
z – Pittsburgh1150.6886-25-34-29-3436368+68Won 4
y – Cincinnati1051.6565-2-15-33-37-5365344+21Lost 1
y – Baltimore1060.6256-24-43-36-6409302+107Won 1
Cleveland790.4384-43-52-44-8299337-38Lost 5
z – Indianapolis1150.6886-25-36-09-3458369+89Won 1
Houston970.5635-34-44-28-4372307+65Won 2
Jacksonville3130.1883-50-81-52-10249412-163Lost 1
Tennessee2140.1251-71-71-52-10254438-184Lost 10
* – Denver1240.7508-04-46-010-2482354+128Won 1
Kansas City970.5636-23-53-37-5353281+72Won 1
San Diego970.5635-34-42-46-63483480Lost 1
Oakland3130.1883-50-81-52-10253452-199Lost 1
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