New England Patriots

A week of points and big wins. The New England Patriots destroyed the Chicago Bears, the Pittsburgh Steelers did the same to the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints put their season back together thanks to a big win over the Green Bay Packers. The Seattle Seahawks continue to struggle, but still managed a late small win over the Carolina Panthers.

San Diego Chargers 21  Denver Broncos 35: Another big day for Peyton Manning with 286 yards and three touchdown passes, all of them to Emmanuel Sanders, quickly affirming his role as the favorite receiver. Philip Rivers was intercepted twice as the Chargers lost to a divisional rival for a second straight gaem.

Detroit Lions 22  Atlanta Falcons 21: Nothing new under the sun, as the Falcons fall to 2-6 this season, losing five games in a row. They built a 21-0 lead in the London game, but Detroit won on a Matt Frater field goal with time expired.

St. Louis Rams 7  Kansas City Chiefs 34: A very dominant performance from the Chiefs, scoring 34 unanswered points after the Rams were the ones to open the scoring. Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis continue to wreck havoc on the ground with three touchdowns combined.

Houston Texans 30  Tennessee Titans 16: Zach Mettenberger made his first NFL start and had a rough one, sacked twice by J.J. Watt and throwing an interception, while Arian Foster ran for 151 yards and scored three touchdowns (one receiving).

Minnesota Vikings 19  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13: Somehow the Vikings are at three wins this season, winning in overtime thanks to a fumble return by Anthony Barr for the game winning touchdown. Teddy Bridgewater didn’t throw any interceptions, which is a solid place to pick up from.

Seattle Seahawks 13  Carolina Panthers 9: A late drive led by Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch ended with a 23-yard pass from the quarterback to Luke Wilson, giving the Seahawks their first win in almost a month.

Baltimore Ravens 24  Cincinnati Bengals 27: The Bengals are back on the winning track thanks to a late touchdown run by Andy Dalton, who didn’t throw any touchdown passes but crossed into the endzone himself twice in the game.

Miami Dolphins 27  Jacksonville Jaguars 13: Blake Bortles threw two interceptions, both of them returned for touchdowns. The Dolphins’ offense didn’t need to to do much more than that to go above .500 again.

Chicago Bears 23  New England Patriots 51: Tom Brady didn’t throw a single off target pass, completed 30-of-35 and connected five times for touchdowns, including three with Rob Gronkowski, as the Patriots won a fourth straight game.

Buffalo Bills 43  New York Jets 23: When Kyle Orton continues to be the best quarterback on the field, something is wrong with the world. Geno Smith threw three interceptions before getting benched. Michael Vick ran well, but finished without a touchdown pass and threw one interception.

Philadelphia Eagles 20  Arizona Cardinals 24: One of the funnest games this week, ending with a 75-yard touchdown play with Carson Palmer and John Brown connecting,as Nick Foles got intercepted twice.

Oakland Raiders 13  Cleveland Browns 23: Things continue to look miserable for the only team without a win in the NFL, while the Browns find themselves above .500 through seven games this season.

Indianapolis Colts 34  Pittsburgh Steelers 51: Ben Roethlisberger threw for 522 yards and six touchdown passes as the Steelers jumped on the Colts early, finally winning consecutive games.

Green Bay Packers 23  New Orleans Saints 44: No punts, plenty of points and a lot of yards as Aaron Rodgers threw two interceptions while Drew Brees got a lot of help from Mark Ingram who ran for 172 yards and a touchdown. Brees threw three touchdown passes.

Washington Redskins 20  Dallas Cowboys 17: The Redskins sacked Tony Romo five times and killed the Cowboys’ passing game, but it was the Cowboys fumbling the ball and losing it twice that made most of the difference, losing for the first time since week 1.


Dallas620.7503-23-01-14-2213167+46Lost 1
Philadelphia520.7144-01-22-03-2203156+47Lost 1
NY Giants340.4292-11-31-22-4154169-15Lost 2
Washington350.3752-21-31-21-4171200-29Won 2
Detroit620.7503-13-12-05-1162126+36Won 3
Green Bay530.6253-02-32-13-3222191+31Lost 1
Chicago350.3750-33-20-12-2180222-42Lost 2
Minnesota350.3751-22-30-23-3139173-34Won 1
Carolina341.4382-21-2-11-03-2167208-41Lost 2
New Orleans340.4293-00-41-13-3199188+11Won 1
Atlanta260.2502-20-42-02-4192221-29Lost 5
Tampa Bay160.1430-41-20-30-5133223-90Lost 3
Arizona610.8574-02-11-04-0164139+25Won 3
San Francisco430.5712-12-21-13-2158165-7Lost 1
Seattle430.5712-12-20-13-2172150+22Won 1
St. Louis250.2861-31-21-12-4136210-74Lost 1


New England620.7504-02-22-14-2238177+61Won 4
Buffalo530.6252-23-12-12-3178165+13Won 2
Miami430.5711-23-11-13-2174151+23Won 2
NY Jets170.1251-40-30-21-4144228-84Lost 7
Cincinnati421.6433-0-11-22-03-2161164-3Won 1
Baltimore530.6253-12-22-22-3217131+86Lost 1
Pittsburgh530.6253-12-21-24-2205196+9Won 2
Cleveland430.5713-11-21-23-3163152+11Won 1
Indianapolis530.6253-12-23-05-2250187+63Lost 1
Houston440.5002-12-31-13-2185166+19Won 1
Tennessee260.2501-31-31-22-4137202-65Lost 2
Jacksonville170.1251-30-40-21-5118218-100Lost 1
Denver610.8575-01-12-04-0224142+82Won 4
San Diego530.6253-12-21-24-2205149+56Lost 2
Kansas City430.5712-12-21-13-2176128+48Won 2
Oakland070.0000-40-30-10-6105181-76Lost 7