NFL: Week 1 Standings & Scores

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Jimmy Garoppolo

The season opener was a Super Bowl rematch with the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina  Panthers, and Cam Newton’s head. On the real season opener, the New England Patriots with Jimmy Garoppolo won on a late field goal against the Arizona Cardinals, Dak Prescott couldn’t save the Dallas Cowboys when facing the New York Giants, and Carson Wentz had a perfect debut for the Philadelphia Eagles in a win over the Cleveland Browns.

Carolina Panthers (0-1) 20  Denver Broncos (1-0) 21: Cam Newton took shots to the head, Trevor Siemian did OK in his debut as a starting quarterback, and C.J. Anderson starred with two touchdowns, one as a receiver and another on the ground.

Green Bay Packers (1-0) 27  Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1) 23: Aaron Rodgers stood out with two touchdown passes and one rushing score, throwing for 199 yards. Blake Bortles wasn’t bad, but he did throw one interception to his one touchdown, and the Jags were never able to regain the lead after losing it in the first half.

Buffalo Bills (0-1) 7  Baltimore Ravens (1-0) 13: Not pretty, as the Ravens scored just one touchdown (Joe Flacco to Mike Wallace), which made all the difference. The other thing was the defense, holding the Bills to only 160 total yards and just one scoring drive (LeSean McCoy running for a touchdown).

Chicago Bears 14 (0-1)  Houston Texans (1-0) 23: Same old problems for the Bears, who couldn’t protect Jay Cutler, sacked five times in the game. Brock Osweiler had a solid debut with two passing touchdowns and one interception, while Lamar Miller, another Texas debutant off free agency, ran for 106 yards. The Bears were scoreless in the second half.

Cleveland Browns (0-1) 10  Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) 29: Carson Wentz couldn’t have asked for a better start, throwing for two touchdowns and 278 yards in his NFL debut. Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III completed only 12-of-26 while throwing an interception. He did have a couple of nice runs (37 yards, 5 carries), but the Browns looked bad.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) 31  Atlanta Falcons (0-1) 24: Jameis Winston was in complete control, throwing four touchdown passes, usually going for Mike Evans, finishing with 99 yards on 5 receptions with a score. Matt Ryan wasn’t bad at all with two touchdown passes to Mohamed Sanu and Julio Jones, but the Falcons running game was nowhere to be found, gaining only 2.4 yards per carry.

Minnesota Vikings (1-0) 25  Tennessee Titans (0-1) 16: Shaun Hill didn’t make mistakes, and the Vikings didn’t need anything more, while the Titans turned the ball over 3 times (twice Marcus Mariota). Minnesota didn’t score on offense, but had two turnovers returned for TDs, while Blair Walsh didn’t miss… too much.

Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) 23  New York Jets (0-1) 22: An evenly matched game, with both quarterbacks throwing interceptions. But with 54 seconds to go, Mike Nugent finally hit a big field goal from 47 yards to take the lead, followed by Ryan Fitzpatrick intercepted, forcing a pass into Josh Shaw’s hands.

Oakland Raiders (1-0) 35  New Orleans Saints (0-1) 34: A crazy game, with 993 total yards of offense. It ended with Derek Carr finding Seth Carr for the 10-yard touchdown pass. Instead of going for the tie and overtime, Jack Del Rio went for two, as Carr connected with Michael Crabtree for the win, and the Raiders held on in the remaining 47 seconds.

San Diego Chargers (0-1) 27  Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) 33: Not only did the Chargers manage to blow a 21-point lead and lose in overtime, but they also lost Keenan Allen for the season with a torn ACL. Alex Smith rushed for the touchdown in overtime, outscoring the Chargers 30-3 since San Diego took a 24-3 lead in the third quarter.

Miami Dolphins (0-1) 10  Seattle Seahawks (1-0) 12: Russell Wilson is known for some fantastic fourth quarter drives. He did just that with the Dolphins ahead 10-6, as he eventually found Doug Baldwin with 31 seconds left to complete the comeback and win the game, despite turning the ball over twice.

Detroit Lions (1-0) 39  Indianapolis Colts (0-1) 35: Andrew Luck was great with 4 touchdown passes, bringing his team back from 21-3 down in the second quarter to lead 35-34 just before the end, but Matthew Stafford and Matt Prater with the field goal made it just in time. Stafford completed 31-of-39 throws with 3 touchdowns.

New York Giants (1-0) 20  Dallas Cowboys (0-1) 19: Not a bad game for Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys, but their defense failed them when it mattered, as Eli Manning enjoyed the presence of Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz (finally), making it much easier compared to last season.

New England Patriots (1-0) 23  Arizona Cardinals (0-1) 21: No Tom Brady, no Rob Gronkowski? Doesn’t matter. Jimmy Garoppolo threw a touchdown pass and looked solid, leading a 61-yard drive in the fourth to win the game with a field goal, and then holding on for 3:44.

NFC Standings

NFC East
New York Giants1001.0001–01–02019W1
Philadelphia Eagles1001.0000–00–02910W1
Washington Redskins000.0000–00–000
Dallas Cowboys010.0000–10–11920L1
NFC North
Detroit Lions1001.0000–00–03935W1
Minnesota Vikings1001.0000–00–02516W1
Green Bay Packers1001.0000–00–02723W1
Chicago Bears010.0000–00–01423L1
NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1001.0001–01–03124W1
Atlanta Falcons010.0000–10–12431L1
Carolina Panthers010.0000–00–02021L1
New Orleans Saints010.0000–00–03435L1
NFC West
Seattle Seahawks1001.0000–00–01210W1
Los Angeles Rams0000–00–000
San Francisco 49ers0000–00–000
Arizona Cardinals010.0000–00–02123L1

AFC Standings

AFC East
New England Patriots1001.0000–00–02321W1
New York Jets010.0000–00–12223L1
Miami Dolphins010.0000–00–01012L1
Buffalo Bills010.0000–00–1713L1
AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals1001.0000–01–02322W1
Baltimore Ravens1001.0000–01–0137W1
Pittsburgh Steelers0000–00–000
Cleveland Browns010.0000–00–01029L1
AFC South
Houston Texans1001.0000–00–02314W1
Indianapolis Colts010.0000–00–03539L1
Jacksonville Jaguars010.0000–00–02327L1
Tennessee Titans010.0000–00–01625L1
AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs1001.0001–01–03327W1
Oakland Raiders1001.0000–00–03534W1
Denver Broncos1001.0000–00–02120W1
San Diego Chargers010.0000–10–12733L1
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