Maybe it was the win that got Nikola Pekovic giddy, but the Minnesota Timberwolves center made no sense when speaking to the media after beating the Brooklyn Nets, shocking/amusing Ricky Rubio who was sitting right next to him, not exactly sure what he was hearing.

Pekovic scored 16 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the 98-91 win over the Brooklyn Nets, including the big three-point play that gave the Timberwolves the lead with less than a minute left in the game. A good enough reason to get a bit confused in front of the microphones.

You usually don’t say you’ll put a win behind you. It’s usually about forgetting a loss and looking ahead towards the next game. Pekovic talked about forgetting the win, which made Rubio make a priceless face while sitting next to Pekovic.

The Timberwolves have started out the season at 2-2. They are missing Kevin Love in some aspects of their game, obviously, but there’s a good chance the changes they’ve made will put them in a better position to succeed in the future.

Nikola Pekovic

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