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Tom Brady, Peyton Manning

Patriots vs Broncos Predictions

Posted on 24 Jan, 2016, by in NFL

For the second time in three seasons, we get the AFC championship game everyone keeps waiting for at the beginning of each year. The New England Patriots against the Denver Broncos, which means another edition, maybe the last, of the Tom Brady & Peyton Manning rivalry. More

Patriots beat Colts

New England Patriots – Tom Brady & Bill Belichick Era Keeps Going

Posted on 19 Jan, 2015, by in NFL

In an era in which staying on top of the game for two or three years seems difficult, the New England Patriots, with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady as the constants through their period of excellence, reach a sixth Super Bowl after crushing the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 in the AFC Championship game. More

Colts vs Patriots

NFL Playoffs – Colts vs Patriots Predictions

Posted on 18 Jan, 2015, by in NFL

Going by the head to head record of both teams in recent years, the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck are to be regarded as huge underdogs in their AFC championship game against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. More

Peyton Manning

AFC Championship Game – Denver Broncos & Peyton Manning Going to the Super Bowl

Posted on 19 Jan, 2014, by in NFL

The rules of engagement in the Peyton Manning-Tom Brady rivalry came through, as the home team, the Denver Broncos, came away with the 26-16 win over the New England Patriots, claiming the AFC Championship game and earning a spot in Super Bowl XLVII. More

Peyton Manning

AFC Championship Game – Patriots vs Broncos Preview

Posted on 18 Jan, 2014, by in NFL

While most of the focus goes to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady meeting in the postseason once again, there’s a lot more to this conference championship game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, meeting for the second time this season. More

Joe Flacco Baltimore

Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco Keeps Outplaying Tom Brady

Posted on 21 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

People laughed last season when Joe Flacco said he was one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. A year later, he got his revenge against the New England Patriots, outplaying (once again) Tom Brady and leading the Baltimore Ravens, finally to their second Super Bowl appearance. More

Ravens Patriots

NFL Playoffs – Ravens vs Patriots Predictions

Posted on 20 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

On paper, the New England Patriots hold the advantage in nearly every position on the field, not to mention home field advantage where they hardly ever lose in the playoffs. That doesn’t frighten the Baltimore Ravens, headed into another AFC Championship game, feeling it’s going to be different this time. More

Vereen Brady

New England Patriots – Keys to Victory

Posted on 19 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

The New England Patriots find themselves in a familiar situation – the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady keeping up the tempo, finding someone to fill in for Rob Gronkowski and stopping their opponents on the ground will be the keys to a Super Bowl trip. More

Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith

Baltimore Ravens – Keys to Victory

Posted on 19 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

In order for the Baltimore Ravens to beat the New England Patriots, their three most important players are quarterback Joe Flacco, wide receiver Torrey Smith and linebacker Terrell Suggs. More

Ravens vs Patriots – Brady Ready to Win AFC for Fifth Time

Posted on 19 Jan, 2012, by in NFL

With Tom Brady in his current form, with the Baltimore Ravens struggling at home against the Houston Texans and having a pretty unimpressive road record this season, the New England Patriots are entering the AFC Championship game as favorites to make their fifth Super Bowl under Bill Belichick. More