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Toronto Raptors – Experience Seems to be Overrated

Posted on 28 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

One of the funniest things about these NBA Playoffs is watching an arrogant bunch of Brooklyn Nets players trying to explain how the young and inexperienced Toronto Raptors, making it an even 2-2 series after a 87-79 road win, are playing better than them in crunch time. More

Tim Duncan Showing Off His Point Guard Skills

Posted on 24 Dec, 2013, by in NBA

There have been few big men in the history of the NBA with the vision, basketball IQ and passing ability that Tim Duncan possesses. For a small moment in the 112-99 win for the San Antonio Spurs over the Toronto Raptors, he also showed he can dribble like a point guard. More

Raptors vs Thunder – Kevin Durant is a Sore Loser

Posted on 23 Dec, 2013, by in NBA

The Toronto Raptors became the first Eastern conference team to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder this season, also ending their undefeated run at home. However, despite playing smarter and better basketball in the final moments, getting some big plays from Jonas Valanciunas, Kevin Durant made it seem like it was all about luck. More

Raptos vs Lakers – Kobe Bryant Needs a Lot More Time

Posted on 9 Dec, 2013, by in NBA

Too much focus on Kobe Bryant, and not enough on the rest of the game. The Toronto Raptors should be a team the Los Angeles Lakers beat at home, but it’s going to take time getting used to life with Bryant, for good or bad, back on the court again. The visitors didn’t mind not having Rudy Gay playing for them anymore by the looks of it. More

Top Ten Dunks of the 2010-2011 NBA Season

Posted on 12 Apr, 2011, by in Featured

Playoffs are almost here, awards are going to be handed out, and we’re beginning our rounds with the top 10 dunks of the season with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, J.R. Smith and of course Blake Griffin joined by others. More