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Barack Obama Playing Soccer With a Robot in Japan

Posted on 24 Apr, 2014, by in Miscellaneous

Anything the American president, Barack Obama, does or says, becomes instant news. That includes his visit to Japan and their Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, which included him meeting ASIMO and playing a little bit of soccer with him. More

Barack Obama = Miami Heat; Mitt Romney = Jeremy Lin

Posted on 4 Sep, 2012, by in NBA

In order to get people who know a lot more about the NBA than they do about politics, United States president Barack Obama released the following comparison: He compared himself to the NBA champions Miami Heat and his foe in the presendtial elections, Republican candidate Mitt Romney, to Jeremy Lin. More

Floyd Mayweather Between Villainy and Obama

Posted on 23 Apr, 2012, by in Boxing

Floyd Mayweather is busy preparing for his fight with Migeul Cotto on May 5. Nothing else should matter now. Not his impending prison time, waiting for him after the fight, not the Manny Pacquiao mega fight that never transpired. Still, Mayweather has time fantasize about that fight and American president Barack Obama in his corner. More

Barack Obama Teaching David Cameron About College Basketball

Posted on 14 Mar, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

Barack Obama, the American President, is a huge basketball fan. His annual March Madness brackets are televised on ESPN. He usually goes with Kansas for the win, missing out in the last two years, but did get it right with North Carolina in 2009. He also has time to spread the word of basketball to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, taking the PM to Dayton, showing him Western Kentucky and Mississippi Valley State in one of the ‘First Four’ games. More

Mark Cuban Goes Off on NBA Scheduling

Posted on 3 Jan, 2012, by in NBA

Mark Cuban expected to get an away game against the Washington Wizards on the Dallas Mavericks schedule. Well, the NBA schedule didn’t give the Mavs a D.C. visit, so Cuban took care of the traditional visit of the NBA champions to the White House and meet the president on his own. More

Obama – Me and Messi

Posted on 28 Jun, 2011, by in Miscellaneous

The American President Barack Obama, joking of course while doing it, comparing himself to Lionel Messi. More