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Oklahoma Sooners – The More Quarterbacks The Better

Posted on 8 Dec, 2013, by in NFL

This is what rivalry games were made for – not to win championships, but to ruining the chance of getting there. Oklahoma had only the motivation of spoiling it for Oklahoma State, but it was enough to pull off the upset 33-24 win in Stillwater, getting a great cameo appearance off the bench by Blake Bell, one of fourth quarterbacks used by the Sooners, and a huge all-around performance from Jalen Saunders, getting things done as a receiver, rusher and punt returner. More

Oklahoma Sooners – Blake Bell Keeps Big 12 Hopes Alive

Posted on 27 Oct, 2013, by in NFL

The original plan didn’t involve Blake Bell being the starting quarterback for Oklahoma this season, but it has mostly turned out for the best. Even though the Sooners still need one more huge win over a top 10 team to take control of their own destiny in the conference while hoping another Domino falls their way, they seem to be in the right direction. More

Oklahoma Sooners – Blake Bell Was the Answer All Along

Posted on 29 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

After being used as a third-down / goalline situation guy, Blake Bell is proving that his place is starting for Oklahoma, and making that change for Bob Stoops is helping him put the Sooners back on the top of the Big 12, and maybe even be considered by some as national championship contenders. More