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Boston Red Sox – The End of the Bobby Valentine Era?

Posted on 15 Aug, 2012, by in MLB

How bad is it for the Boston Red Sox in 2012? Well, 57-60 deep into August, 12.5 games behind the division leading New York Yankees and 6.5 games away from the Wild Card spot, occupied by two teams from the AL East. As postseason might have showed, the Bobby Valentine experience isn’t going too well. More

Bullpen Problems Get Worse and Worse (Yankees vs Red Sox)

Posted on 22 Apr, 2012, by in MLB

Bobby Valentine got booed harder and harder every time he went up to the mound and made another pitching substitution. Each move he made just got worse and worse, as the New York Yankees came back from 0-9 to win 15-9 in Fenway Park, furthering the suffering of the rather dim 100 year Fenway Park celebrations for the Boston Red Sox. More

On Bobby Valentine and an Early Ignition to Yankees – Red Sox Rivalry

Posted on 1 Mar, 2012, by in MLB

Bobby Valentine taking shots at Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter sparked some life into a quiet period, maybe even quieter than usual, of Baseball spring training. Nothing wrong with spreading a little hate between the two biggest rivals, and MLB’s most important rivalry. More