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Chris Sale

MLB Rumors – Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers & Texas Rangers Trying to Make a Chris Sale Trade Happen

Posted on 1 Aug, 2016, by in MLB

The Chicago White Sox have made it clear they have no intention of trading away Chris Sale. However, the events of last week make it seem like there’s a small window of opportunity for interested parties, and the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers are all trying to see if something can be done. More

Zack Greinke

MLB Rumors – Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Trading Everyone, But For a High Price

Posted on 24 Jul, 2016, by in MLB

The worse this season is becoming for both the Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks, the more willing they are to talk about everyone on their roster, including players like Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Zack Greinke, although it’s going to take a huge package in return to get these teams to agree. More

Chris Sale White Sox

MLB Rumors – Chicago White Sox, Chris Sale & Throwback Uniform Hate

Posted on 24 Jul, 2016, by in MLB

One of the more bizarre stories recently among major league teams happens to come from the crumbling Chicago White Sox, leaving Chris Sale off the roster for their game against the Detroit Tigers because their ace was pissed off with the throwback jerseys the team was scheduled to wear in the game. More

Chris Sale

MLB Rumors – Boston Red Sox & Los Angeles Dodgers Interested in Trade for Chris Sale

Posted on 22 Jul, 2016, by in MLB

In a surprising turn of events due to their miserable season, the Chicago White Sox might be open for business for about everyone on their roster, including Chris Sale and Jose Quintana, which would interest both the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers very much. More

Cameron Rupp

MLB Rumors – Chicago White Sox & Cleveland Indians Could be Interested in Cameron Rupp

Posted on 14 Jul, 2016, by in MLB

Both the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians are a rarity as we approach the trade deadline: Teams looking for more hitting, not pitching. Their answer could be found with the Philadelphia Phillies and Cameron Rupp. More

Carlos Beltran Trade

MLB Rumors – New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox Could Make a Carlos Beltran Deal

Posted on 11 Jul, 2016, by in MLB

The New York Yankees still haven’t decided if they’re going to try and trade Carlos Beltran before the approaching deadline. One team that could benefit from the aging All-Star are the Chicago White Sox. More

Jay Bruce

MLB Rumors – Chicago White Sox & Kansas City Royals Interested in Signing Jay Bruce

Posted on 15 Jun, 2016, by in MLB

Surprisingly, the Cincinnati Reds still haven’t found a trading partner for Jay Bruce. His impressive hitting this season hasn’t gone unnoticed, and AL Central teams like the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals have been playing close attention. More

Rich Hill

MLB Rumors – White Sox & Pirates Interested in Trade for Starting Pitchers

Posted on 30 May, 2016, by in MLB

The closer summer gets, the closer we get to trades actually happening. Two teams seeking reliable starting pitchers through this kind of move are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago White Sox. The Bucs are interested in Rich Hill of the Oakland Athletics, while the Chi Sox have their eyes on James Shields of the San Diego Padres. More

Ryan Braun

MLB Rumors – Red Sox, White Sox & Nationals Possibly Interested in Ryan Braun

Posted on 5 May, 2016, by in MLB

The Milwaukee Brewers aren’t a team in a win-now kind of mode, and with their start looking more and more like what it was predicted to be, the rumors suggesting a Ryan Braun trade are getting stronger, with the Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals and Chicago White Sox lineup up as interesting landing spots. More

Jake Arrieta

MLB Rumors – Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox Carried Forward by Sensational Pitching

Posted on 24 Apr, 2016, by in MLB

It’s been a fantastic start for both Windy City teams – Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox. Their offensive production couldn’t be anymore different, but when it comes to pitching, both teams, maybe a little bit surprisingly, are among the best in major league baseball. More