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Pacers Over Heat – Even Terrible Teams Get Their Day in the Sun

Posted on 13 Nov, 2014, by in NBA

No longer the best rivalry in the Eastern conference, the Miami Heat still find beating the Indiana Pacers in the regular season incredibly difficult. Chris Copeland and Roy Hibbert and an excellent game amid all the defense and aggression, leading their team to the first road win of the season. More

NBA Rumors – New York Knicks & Indiana Pacers Might Trade Chris Copeland & J.R. Smith

Posted on 4 Nov, 2014, by in NBA

The New York Knicks know their team isn’t good enough for their lofty expectations and aspiration. They also need more cap space for next season, which is why they’re trying to make a move that will send J.R. Smith to the Indiana Pacers, and in return get small forward Chris Copeland, playing on an expiring contract. More

Indiana Pacers – Who Needs Starters?

Posted on 10 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

The Indiana Pacers looked at their recent struggles and decided that resting their starters will fix everything, deciding that a game against the Milwaukee Bucks is the perfect opportunity to test the theory. Evan Turner and Luis Scola carried the offense throughout, and Chris Copeland scored a game winning shot to come through 104-102. More

NBA Rumors – Indiana Pacers Trying to Sign Chris Copeland

Posted on 2 Jul, 2013, by in NBA

Being a 29 year old rookie means you’re not going to get too many chances, but Chris Copeland was quite efficient for the New York Knicks when he got the chance last season, averaging 8.7 points on only 15.4 minutes per game, and catching the attention of the Indiana Pacers along the way. More

New York Knicks – Chris Copeland Makes Up for Ordinary Carmelo Anthony

Posted on 15 Apr, 2013, by in NBA

After seven consecutive games of scoring over 31 points, Carmelo Anthony had to take a little breather from out-of-this-world shooting, without having to worry about the New York Knicks needing him too badly. Thanks to the surprising contribution of Chris Copeland while the more expected scoring of J.R. Smith also came in handy, there really wasn’t any need for ‘Melo to be special. More

New York Knicks – Carmelo Anthony Fasting yet Winning

Posted on 14 Jan, 2013, by in NBA

One of the weirdest stories to make its way to the headlines this season is Carmelo Anthony actually going for two entire weeks without meat or carbs, which might be one of the reasons the New York Knicks haven’t been looking so hot in recent weeks, just like their star hasn’t. More