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MLB Rumors – Baltimore Orioles Sorta Copy New York Mets by Making Chris Davis the New Bobby Bonilla

Posted on 17 Jan, 2016, by in MLB

One more interesting tidbit to the Baltimore Orioles re-signing Chris Davis on a record deal as far as the franchise is concerned is how the payment of $161 million is going to be spread out. Hint? Davis is going to be receiving a paycheck from the Orioles long after he retires. More

MLB Rumors – Baltimore Orioles Signing Chris Davis Opens Up the Market for the Final Major Signings

Posted on 16 Jan, 2016, by in MLB

The Baltimore Orioles slightly adjusted their offer and re-signed Chris Davis. While this means they held on to their slugger, it also means that there’s nothing stopping teams from going after the other available big hitters like Yoenis Cespedes who might be the next one to be off the board. More