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MLB Rumors – Detroit Tigers & Chicago White Sox Interested in Signing Daniel Murphy

Posted on 24 Dec, 2015, by in MLB

The New York Mets pretty much showed Daniel Murphy from day 1 they weren’t giving him a long term deal, but he still thought they’d change their mind. Now, with his October heroics somewhat forgotten, the only realistic landing places for him might be in the American League, and specifically with the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers. More

17 Best Memes of Daniel Murphy & the New York Mets Choking Against the Kansas City Royals

Posted on 1 Nov, 2015, by in MLB

There was never any doubt: Memes were going to make so much fun of Daniel Murphy and the New York Mets for his error, and their way of losing game 4 of the World Series to the Kansas City Royals. More

36 Best Memes of the New York Mets Completing a Sweep of the Chicago Cubs

Posted on 22 Oct, 2015, by in MLB

It’s official: The Curse of Billy the Goat lives on, as the Chicago Cubs get swept by the New York Mets in the NLCS. For once, the meme makers didn’t focus on Daniel Murphy bombing home runs, instead looking at how bad things are for the Cubs, at least at this moment. More

25 Best Memes of Daniel Murphy & the New York Mets Almost Sweeping the Chicago Cubs

Posted on 21 Oct, 2015, by in MLB

It’s one more win from a sweep, as the combination of Daniel Murphy and the curse are keeping the Chicago Cubs from fulfilling the Back to the Future prediction of the team winning a World Series in 2015. The New York Mets playing quite well, as the memes suggest, has something to do with too. More

11 Best Memes of Daniel Murphy & the New York Mets Beating the Chicago Cubs

Posted on 19 Oct, 2015, by in MLB

As the New York Mets take a 2-0 lead over the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS, the memes focus on a few things: Daniel Murphy hitting home runs, Steve Bartman and the Cubs curse, going strong since 1908. More

Michael Wacha And The Magic of Unearned Runs (Cardinals vs Mets)

Posted on 12 Jun, 2013, by in MLB

While being one of the best offensive teams in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals don’t always need hitting to carry them. Sometimes it’s a rookie pitcher named Michael Wacha and one huge mistake from Daniel Murphy that allows them to win 9-2 against the New York Mets despite scoring only two earned runs. More