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MLB Rumors – Pittsburgh Pirates Can’t Hang on to David Freese, Sean Rodriguez & Matthew Joyce

Posted on 14 Aug, 2016, by in MLB

Getting over a long slump, the Pittsburgh Pirates put themselves back in the wild card race for a postseason berth. The surprising ability of David Freese, Sean Rodriguez and Matthew Joyce has been a huge part of their recent success, but it also means they’ll be impossible to hold onto, all three of them together, once this season is over. More

MLB Rumors – Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros & Cleveland Indians Interested in Signing David Freese

Posted on 16 Feb, 2016, by in MLB

One veteran free agent who hasn’t been getting a lot of attention is David Freese, who last played with the Los Angeles Angels but won’t be going back there. Where does he end up? Options are limited of course, but one of the following three: Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros and the Cleveland Indians, sound like a good fit. More

Dodgers Over Angels – Revenge on a Minor Level

Posted on 6 Aug, 2014, by in MLB

It wasn’t a great pitching performance from Clayton Kershaw or a power hitting display from the loaded lineup that gave the Los Angeles Dodgers a 5-4 win over the Los Angeles Angels to call it a draw in their two game series, but an error from David Freese on his throw to home which allowed Juan Uribe to score the winning run. More

Michael Wacha And The Magic of Unearned Runs (Cardinals vs Mets)

Posted on 12 Jun, 2013, by in MLB

While being one of the best offensive teams in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals don’t always need hitting to carry them. Sometimes it’s a rookie pitcher named Michael Wacha and one huge mistake from Daniel Murphy that allows them to win 9-2 against the New York Mets despite scoring only two earned runs. More

Aftermath of the Cardinals – Rangers World Series

Posted on 29 Oct, 2011, by in MLB

One last look at the last day of the 2011 Baseball season, at the St. Louis Cardinals ending their improbable run with a 4-3 win over the Texas Rangers in the World Series, and what just might be Albert Pujols’ final game for the Cardinals. More

St. Louis Cardinals Win 11th World Series Behind Carpenter, Freese and Craig

Posted on 28 Oct, 2011, by in MLB

The St. Louis Cardinals won game 7 with a 6-2 win, coming from behind, again, with David Freese, again, and Allen Craig, again, swinging big and hard. Chris Carpenter was huge on the mound once more, as the Texas Rangers just didn’t have anything left after the crushing loss in Game 6. More

Too Bad There Are Only 7 Games (Rangers vs Cardinals)

Posted on 28 Oct, 2011, by in MLB

David Freese’s 11th inning home run saved the St. Louis Cardinals, giving us the pleasure to enjoy Baseball and the 2011 World Series a little bit more, forcing a game 7 against the Texas Rangers. This series, Baseball, the postseason, it’s all good, despite the naysayers. More