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10 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Beating the Oakland Raiders

Posted on 18 Dec, 2017, by in NFL

The Dallas Cowboys beating the Oakland Raiders wasn’t much of a shock to anyone, but the way things happened, including the primitive first down check and Derek Carr fumbling the … More

Matt Ryan or Derek Carr Can Stop Tom Brady From Winning the NFL MVP

Posted on 9 Nov, 2016, by in NFL

It might be a bit early to single out the leading MVP candidates in the 2016 NFL season, but if Tom Brady slows down at some point, it looks like the Atlanta Falcons & Oakland Raiders quarterbacks, Matt Ryan and Derek Carr, are right behind him in the running. More

17 Best Memes of the Raiders Rolling & the 49ers Hitting Rock Bottom

Posted on 7 Nov, 2016, by in NFL

There’s something strange in the Bay Area neighborhood: The Oakland Raiders are the best team in their division, while the San Francisco 49ers keep getting worse. The memes even seem to be confused. More

NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Hoped Derek Carr Would Finish the Preseason on a High Note

Posted on 31 Aug, 2015, by in NFL

With the fourth game in preseason usually not involving starting quarterbacks, Derek Carr putting on a mediocre performance in the loss against the Arizona Cardinals is probably the last we’ve seen of him before the regular season for the Oakland Raiders. More

NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Pleased Derek Carr Connecting With Amari Cooper

Posted on 23 Aug, 2015, by in NFL

Not a great game for the Oakland Raiders in a 12-20 preseason loss, but Derek Carr and Amari Cooper looked good on the best play of the game while Latavius Murray showed once more why he’s the best running back on this team. More

NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Have Big Expectations Out of Derek Carr & Amari Cooper

Posted on 2 Jul, 2015, by in NFL

It’s been quite a while since the Oakland Raiders have been optimistic about anything, but maybe the drafting of Amari Cooper in order to help second-year quarterback Derek Carr is a good enough reason. More

San Francisco 49ers – Colin Kaepernick Hits a New Low

Posted on 8 Dec, 2014, by in NFL

Losing to the Oakland Raiders is a new low for the San Francisco 49ers under Jim Harbaugh, who also himself a crisis situation with Colin Kaepernick, who seems to be doing worse and worse at the quarterback position with every week that goes by. More

Oakland Raiders – Avoiding the Ultimate Humiliation

Posted on 21 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

Whatever happens in the remnants of the NFL season, the Oakland Raiders have done enough to avoid being remembered as one of the team that failed to win a single game in an entire season. They beat the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 behind a non-interception Derek Carr performance and one big run from Latavius Murray. More

Oakland Raiders – Can’t Seem to Get Anything Right

Posted on 13 Oct, 2014, by in NFL

The Oakland Raiders thought they were finally going to experience a win in the 2014 NFL season, but two late scores from the San Diego Chargers resulted in yet another loss for probably the worst team in the NFL. More

NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Might Start Derek Carr at Quarterback

Posted on 26 Aug, 2014, by in NFL

When the Oakland Raiders signed Matt Schaub they thought they’ve found themselves a starting quarterback, at least for the short term. However, his weak performances in preseason added to some very good ones from Derek Carr might mean that the rookie out of Fresno State will be getting the starting role eventually. More