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NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets & Buffalo Bills Having Problems With Contract Extensions

Posted on 14 Jun, 2016, by in NFL

At this point of the NFL season, with training camps around the corner, contract extensions are all the rave. For the Seattle Seahawks (Doug Baldwin), the Buffalo Bills (Stephon Gilmore) and the New York Jets (Muhammad Wilkerson), it’s not such a jolly season. More

Seattle Seahawks – Richard Sherman Makes Fun of the NFL

Posted on 26 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

There has never been a missed opportunity by Richard Sherman to speak his mind about anything. His latest rant, which comes in the form of a hilarious press conference, aided by Doug Baldwin? Pretty much against the NFL, hypocrisy, the fine Marshawn Lynch got and a few more things he got off his chest before leaving the podium, feeling quite pleased about himself. More

Seattle Seahawks – Richard Sherman Making the Preseason Interesting

Posted on 19 Jun, 2014, by in NFL

There’s nothing wrong with NFL players blowing some steam on each other during practice, but when nothing actually happens during preseason, scuffles and fights make the top news, especially when it’s the Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks and especially Richard Sherman, one of the most vocal players in the league, getting involved. More