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A Weekend in Heaven (NFL, Rugby World Cup, US Open and European Football)

Posted on 8 Sep, 2011, by in Other Sport

Packers – Saints, Rugby World Cup Opener with the All Blacks, US Open tennis back on again, Heavyweight boxing, European Leagues back in action. What a Weekend! More

Some Thoughts on the Champions League This Week and More Barca – Arsenal

Posted on 21 Feb, 2011, by in Soccer

Some random thoughts on the Champions League clashes this week (Inter – Bayern, Lyon – Real and Marseille – United), an amazing Jimmy Briand goal (if you missed it) and a bit more on Barcelona and Arsenal. More

Kobe Bryant – Frustration, Frustration

Posted on 31 Jan, 2011, by in NBA

Kobe Bryant has scored 38 and 41 for the Los Angeles Lakers in their last two games. They’ve lost them both. What’s wrong with the champions? More

I’m Glad the Group Stage is Over

Posted on 8 Dec, 2010, by in Soccer

It took just over a year of the new Champions League qualifying system (thank you Michel Platini) to make me prefer the Europa League. More

Nine Points and 14 Goals Later, Some Thoughts on Chelsea in 2010-2011

Posted on 29 Aug, 2010, by in Soccer

With Chelsea tering up some inferior competition very early on this season, here are some thoughts on the only perfect team in the Premiership so far in 2010-2011. More

Photo of the Day – LeBron James, Time to Step Up

Posted on 12 May, 2010, by in NBA

Just five days ago, and it seemed like the Cavs were rollin’. The press was praising, MVP was doing everything, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked like everyone expected them to, destroying Boston with a perfect first quarter. Fast Forward to today, and you get this story on Yahoo and many others across the web ripping LeBron a new one. More

Thursday Thoughts on Arsenal-Barca

Posted on 1 Apr, 2010, by in Soccer

Some thoughts and notes about the 2-2 draw between Arsenal and Barcelona in their champions league quarter final clash. More